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Guinness Books of World Record

Guinness Books of World Record
The Guinness book of World Record is the book listing the extremes around the world. This book is most sold copyrighted book in the human history. It is written in 23 different languages and published in more than 100 countries. The publication of the book dates back to 1951 and continues to the modern time.

In order to break the genus world record. It is essential to apply for the written application and wait for 4 to 6 weeks. Paying 450 USD for fast track application can be ease for anyone who wants to break the record ASHAP. To be included in the genius book of world record. The companies organize the events and determine the truthfulness of record attempts.

There are strict criteria for Guinness book of the world record and due to ethical and safety issue, there are some unfit criteria. Killing, harvesting animals, drinking liquor, etc. are not eligible for the Guinness books of world record entry.

10 Head Lice Treatment Home Remedy

10 Head Lice Treatment Home Remedy
Head lice are one of the most common parasites in human hair. Head lice are the external parasite relying upon blood sucked from the host the human. Due to the jumping of head lice from one head to another, they are highly contagious.
Head lice have an incomplete metamorphosis in which egg is changed into the nymph and then to adult. Eggs are hatched one to two weeks after lying. The sell remains attached to hair after hatching.
Due to highly contagious nature, anyone can get head lice. It is essential to know about the homemade remedies of the head lice in order to prevent their unwanted spread. Due to rapid resistance developed by head lice to the specific treatment, it is getting difficult to control the head lice population.

Some Common Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice
1. Almond Oil
Application of the almond oil is effective against the head lice. Almond oil causes the suffocation of the lice and ultimately put them to dead.
2. Neem Oil
Neem oil is …

8 Health Benefit of cloves

8 Health Benefit of cloves
Cloves are the most widely used condiments around the globe. The cloves tree is evergreen and can grow up to 12 meters in height. Cloves production annual implies throughout the year. Due to its pleasant taste, it has been a cheap ingredient in different cuisine across the globe. Due to its importance, our ancestors start cultivating this wonder crop long time back that is 1700 BC.
Traditionally cloves are used to cure different digestive ailments and to reduce a toothache. There is the precaution needed while using the cloves oil. Using the concentrated cloves oils can cause a lot of noisome and it strongly recommended using diluted especially with olive oil, or any kind of edible oils. The active compound is eugenol, which is highly beneficial to human body. It is advised to avoid the cloves during the pregnancy.
Health Benefit of Cloves are given below:
1. Toothache
This is the prime use of the cloves for temporary remedy. Usually, the toothpaste availab…

10 Health Benefits of Eating Apple

10 Health Benefits of Eating Apple
Almost everyone in the universe knows this wonder fruit an apple. Due to lush with the nutrients needed for the humans this fruit is widely consumed fruit in the world. Apple tree grows in cold climate and nutrient rich soil.
Apple tree is the deciduous tree, which means it shed life during the spring.
This tree can stand unto five meters in height.
This wonder fruit has the multiple benefits some of which are described below:
1. Cleaning of teeth
Due to the stimulation of saliva during the biting of the apple, it can make the cleaner teeth.
2. Prevent Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are caused due to the following of the veins in the anal region. This can cause pain during defecation. The adequate fiber content in the food acts to prevent the hemorrhoids.
3. Increase the Cognitive power
Due to the presence of mineral like potassium, which is vital for the normal functioning Nervous system. This will help in boosting cognitive power.
4. Prevent cancers
Due …

10 Health Benefit of Consuming Mango

Mango is the most popular fruit around the globe. Due to aesthetically appealing texture, sound aroma and pleasant taste Mango is popular around the world. Mango is the perennial plant grows in the nutrient rich soils of the trophic. There are more than 400 varieties of the mango available around the globe.
Mango is considered to be the native of south Asia (1). The largest producer and consumer of Mango are India. A mango tree can gain the enormous height of 40 meters above the ground. Mango is grown worldwide and is considered one of the majestic species of the trophic. The raw mango is often consumed my making pickle and is wieldy used due to its prolong self-life.
Various parts of mango like the bark of the tree, root, dried mango seeds, mango skin are used for different ailments in the Ayurveda medicine.

Health Benefits of Mango are:
1. Energy Boosting
Due to the lush with the carbohydrate mango can vigor with anyone feeling the weakness of varied kinds.
2. Pregnancy
Due to the …

10 Majestic Health Benefits of Moringa

Moringa or drumstick tree are native to the foothills of the Himalayas of the Asia. They are drought tolerance deciduous species. This plant is found around the human settlement and often used as the fence in the gardening.
The scientific name of this plant is Moringa 
The tender leaf, flower and the pods are edible. Flowering takes place once in the year. Pods are widely consumed around the globe. Mature pods have seeds in it with lush with oil content. The oil content of the seed is expected to be less than forty percent.
Due to pleasant taste, they are often consumed as the vegetable during the spring season adjoining the place where this plant is found.

Malnutrition and Moringa
The presence of this wonder plant in the poor community is easing the malnutrition problems in the region. This can be the potent tool to erase the malnutrition problem in the rural part of the word especially to children.
Propagation is mostly done by the vegetative method in the rainy season.…

10 Health Benefit of Coffee Drinking

Coffee is the popular drink made from the roasted coffee beans. Coffee is the native to Tropical Africa. It is transported to the different part of the world and is now cultivated in many countries. A country that lies in the equatorial belt produces the significant amount of coffee due to the suitable climate. Brazil is the highest producer of the Coffee.
Coffee plants are the evergreen shrubs that can grow up to 5 meters in height. The berry ripens in the summer and each berry contains two seeds. It is estimated that less than two pounds of raw coffee beans are produced from singletree.
Coffee beans are extracted from the coffee when the berries are ripening. The coffee beans are dried and seed is roasted. The roasting process is the typical process and needs to done with the great caution in order to retain the flavor of coffee. The entire process of making coffee is an extremely labor-intensive process.
Coffee has enormous health importance due to this reason people have been tra…

9 Health Benefit of Consuming Grapes

9 Health Benefit of Consuming Grapes
Grapes are deciduous plant occurring in the varied climatic condition and often refer as the perennial vine. Due to the high nutrition content and pleasing taste people around the globe have been cultivating grapes long time back. It is estimated that the cultivation of grapes was done before 8,000 years ago. Grapes are aesthetically compelling and remain as one of the centers of attraction around the globe.
Grapes are broadly classified into two types one is the table grapes and other is wine grapes. Table grapes are eaten in raw whereas wine grapes are consumed by making the wine. A grower of the table grapes uses the large seedless variety mostly from the vegetative propagation whereas for making the wine cultivators use the variety with the seed in it. Further, the outer covering of the grapes used for making wine is thicker than the table grapes.
Grapes requires around 160 days to complete the cycle of the flower, and set fruit and grows in 2…

8 Health Benefit of Eating Dates

8 Health Benefit of Eating Dates Date palms are the widely cultivated species in the tropical and subtropical region around the globe. Date palms tree are larger in size reaching up to 23 meters in height. It is high price plant due to the huge economic benefit. The fruit from the date palms is called dates. The seeds of dates retain the germination capacity after long-term storage (1).
Health Benefit of Eating Dates
1. Bone Health
Due to lush with the minerals like calcium and magnesium. Consumption of dates helps in gaining healthier bone. It also helps in the combat of the osteoporosis. This condition is marked by the loss of calcium from the bone.
2. Regulate Sugar Level in Blood
Despite high carbohydrate content that is more than seventy-five percent by volume. The glycemic index of the dates varies from 30.5 to 49.7 (2). Due to this consumption of the dates does not spike sugar level in blood.

3. Heart Health
Due to the lush of potassium that is around 656 milligrams per one …

Viral marketing ideas

Viral marketing ideas
Viral marketing can simply be defined as the passing of information in rapid ways. It applies several tricks and tactic to reach to the generalized audiences. Due to the massive exposure, it is believed to be the effective strategy for the one who wants to have the instant result.
Due to massive competition in the viral marketing almost everyone post in the social media with the thousands of follower. This necessitates the need of the updated information about the viral marketing time. Almost all the person uses the widely popular strategy in this business.

Due to the constant evolving of the technology, the search engine is in the process of constant change. These necessitate the research on the own on how to get wanted visitors to the site.
Impact in Search Engine Optimization
Viral marketing can have both the positive and negative impact in the search engine optimization. This can be often beneficial and devastating to the business. It depends on the ways the …

Why Tropical Fruits are Bizarre

Why Tropical Fruits are Bizarre Almost all the tropical fruit are weird. Let's take an example of the tropical fruit like Jackfruit, Avocado, Mango, Lychee, etc. which are wired in both the taste, texture, and aroma.
The appearance of weird fruit in the tropic is trigger by the rapid nutrient cycling rate of the tropic. Due to ease in the availability of the nutrient in topic compared to the temperate and alpine region, the weird food exists in the tropical region.

Reason for the Popularity of the Tropical Fruit
There are various reasons for the popularity of the tropical fruit. Primarily the popularity of the tropical fruit is drive by the exotic taste and aroma. Let take an example of weird tropical fruit Lychee. Lychee is popular due to its appealing taste and sound aroma.
Jackfruit, which is weird, fruit popular in the world due to its immense size. It is lush with the goodness of the carbohydrate and is believed to have the potential to ease the world hunger.
Mango can be co…

10 Cancer Preventing Food

10 Cancer Preventing Food
Recent researchers around the globe are pointing out the facts that forty percent of the cancer are preventable. Preventable cancer can be prevented by modification of person lifestyle and intake of food.
The Recent rise in the occurrence of colorectal cancer around the globe is causing public Goosebumps. Due to this, there are millions of articles flooded on the internet in order to make public aware of some forms of preventable cancer.
Causes of cancer
Cancer is caused due to the uncontrolled growth of the cell. There are various stages in cancer upon the early stage of cancer it can be prevented when noticed ahead of time.
Cancer is trigger by several factors among them food and lifestyle are considered as the prime reason to trigger cancer.

How to minimize the occurrence of cancer
There are two ways we can minimize the occurrence of the cancer one is the modifying the lifestyle and the other is the modification of the diet.
Our ancestor uses to…

6 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

6 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs
Eggs are medium for the development of the fertilized ovum also known as Zygote. All the vital nutrients required for the development of the zygote are present in the egg. This drastically increases the nutritional value of the egg. Except for mammals, which have the mammary gland almost all the organism, lays the eggs except some ovoviviparous.

Ovoviviparous is the production of live birth by incubating the egg inside the body. The best example of the ovoviviparous is the scorpion.
Is snake eggs are edible? This is the question frequently asked by mainly people around the globe. In short, the question is yes. Before our ancestors start domesticating birds they used to consume all types of eggs found in the wild including snake eggs.

Domestication of birds has increased the consumption of eggs due to an easy access. The air cell located at the bottom of the egg can grade the quality of the eggs. The fresh egg has small air cell and as the time precede…

6 Health Risk of Fructose in Human Body

6 Health Risk of Fructose in Human Body
Fructose is the simple carbohydrate like the sucrose and glucose. Fructose is found naturally in fruits, vegetable, honey etc. as simple natural sugar. Due to the huge demand of fructose sugar synthetic fructose cone syrup is widely used. Due to the wide use of fructose in different food, it has risen lots of heath concern.
Recent evidence suggests that fructose is present in the milk of the breastfeeding mother. Due to the fructose in the milk, there has been the surge in obesity problems. Recently, no sugar diet is laden with fructose is causing the situation even worse by adding fructose as the sweetening agent.
Intake of glucose triggers the release of insulin in the bloodstream whereas this mechanism is virtually absent while fructose gets into the bloodstream. The surge in demand of synthetic fructose around the globe is clear the concern of the health epidemic.

Some of the Adverse Consequences of Eating Fructose are:
1. Decrease in Insul…

8 Bizarre Information About the Gangetic Dolphin

8 Bizarre Information About the Gangetic Dolphin
Gangetic dolphin or Susu is also known as south Asian river dolphin is the mammal that thrives in water. They are found in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan rivers. It is necessary for the dolphin to come to the surface for breathing frequently. There are various species of dolphin some can live in fresh water and other can live in the saline water. There is the sexual dimorphism in dolphin as male is larger than female.
The morphology of the south Asian Dolphin is different from the others dolphin commonly available. The teeth of the dolphin are visible even after the mouth is closed. The length of south Asian river dolphin can range up to 2.7 meters. It is estimated that up to 1800 individuals are survived in around the globe.
These dolphins are also known as blind dolphin because the eye is of no use in murky water. They produce the distinct sonar for echolocation. Their primary diet comprises mainly of the fishes.Due to various…

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Garlic

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Garlic
Garlic is one of the widely used condiments in dishes. Garlic is native to Asia and the consumption of this wonder plant dated to seven thousand years. Due to several benefits by eating garlic it is consumed around the word. Green leaves of the garlic plant are also edible and have the same property as Garlic cloves.
Due to the high sulfur content in garlic, it is highly advisable to consume single garlic in a day. Consuming excessive raw garlic is not beneficial for health. Heating degrades the medicinal value of the garlic. If essential it recommends adding chopped garlic at the end of cooking to preserve the medicinal value.
Almost all the religion did not favor the garlic consumption. There are some horror fables around about the garlic. Despite this scenario, our primordial ancestors consume garlic as without worrying of any kind.

Garlic Health Benefits are Summarized Below:
1. Memory Booster
Organic germanium in the garlic has the pow…

6 Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

6 Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms
The intestinal worm is the parasite thieving in the gastrointestinal track. Depending upon the species mostly mature worm lives in the intestine. Intestinal Worms is the generalized term used to describe roundworms, pinworm, and flatworm, etc.
Depending on the feeding habit worm can thrive in the various part of the human gut. Usually, the blood sucking worm-like the Tapeworm, pinworm gets attached to the human intestinal wall. The roundworms like Ascaris live in the lumen of the intestine.
There is the various mode of infection among them unhygienic condition is of prime concern. Unhygienic condition like not washing the hand before eating food, after working in the field, eating in the open air contaminated with eggs of helminths. Uncooked meat increases the chance of the tapeworm infection. Walking in the barefoot increase the hookworm infection. Sharing the cloth and bed seat also increase the transmission of the helminths eggs.