10-health Benefit of Carrot

10-health Benefit of Carrot

Carrot is the biennial plant planted consumed around the globe. It has the shorter life cycle that is 3 to 4 months (1). The domestication of carrot first believed to happens at central Asia (2). The length of the root can grow up to 50 centimeters.

Carrot is lush with the essential nutrient for the human body. Due to this carrot is consumed around the globe. It can be consumed raw as salads and by cooking with another vegetable. The color of the carrot varies from white to black. Usually, the orange color of the carrot is the most widely consumed carrot around the globe (3).

Health Benefit of Carrot

1. Night Blindness Prevention

Night blindness is caused due to the prolonged lack of vitamin A in the diet. The carrot being lush with the vitamin A can be beneficial for mentioning adequate vision.

2. Wight Loss

Due to the low content of fat and lush with the carbohydrate and essential nutrient. Consuming the carrot can be the safer alternative for anyone wishing to get rid of unwanted fat in the body.

3. Healthy Teeth and Gum

Due to the lush in water that is around eighty-eight percent consumption of the carrot is the healthy alternative to teeth and germ. Consuming the carrot is claimed to extract the locked in particles from the teeth.

4. Osteoporosis

Carrot is lush with the minerals like the calcium and magnesium that is essential for the normal functioning of the bone.

5. Prevent Cancer

Consuming the carrot can prevent Cancer like that of breast, lung, colon, etc.

6. Digestion

Due to the lush in fiber, it helps in facilitating the adequate digestion of the food.

7. Retard Ageing

Due to the presence of Beta-carotene the potent antioxidant that plays the vital role in the combat of the aging process. Consuming the carrot helps in retarding the aging process.

8. Healthy Heart

The health of the heart can be improved by regular carrot consumption. This is mainly due to the reduction of bad cholesterol level in blood.

9. Immunity Booster

Due to the lush with vitamin C, which is essential for boosting the immunity, regular consumption of the carrot is believed to boost the immune system.

10. Diabetes

Carotenoid in the carrot acts as the good sugar regulator preventing the spike of glucose in the blood.


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