10 Health Benefit of Coffee Drinking

Coffee is the popular drink made from the roasted coffee beans. Coffee is the native to Tropical Africa. It is transported to the different part of the world and is now cultivated in many countries. A country that lies in the equatorial belt produces the significant amount of coffee due to the suitable climate. Brazil is the highest producer of the Coffee.

Coffee plants are the evergreen shrubs that can grow up to 5 meters in height. The berry ripens in the summer and each berry contains two seeds. It is estimated that less than two pounds of raw coffee beans are produced from singletree.

Coffee beans are extracted from the coffee when the berries are ripening. The coffee beans are dried and seed is roasted. The roasting process is the typical process and needs to done with the great caution in order to retain the flavor of coffee. The entire process of making coffee is an extremely labor-intensive process.

Coffee has enormous health importance due to this reason people have been transporting coffee to the different part of the world. It is generally the earliest cultivation of the coffee was done in the 15th century outside Africa.

Heath Benefit of Coffee are Summarized Below

1. Essential Nutrient

Coffee does not only contain caffeine it also contains the vitamins like B2, B5 and Mineral like magnesium, potassium, niacin, etc.

2. Lower the Glucose Level in Blood

Caffeine in the coffee stimulates the pancreases to produce the insulin hormone that is vital for the storing of glucose.  

3. Heart

Various researchers have revealed that moderate drinking of the coffee causes the decrease in the rate of heart failure.

4. Enhance the Cognitive Power

Due to the stimulation of the nervous system cognitive power get enhanced.  Intake of the coffee is associated with smarter and efficient functioning of the brain. Due to boosting of cognitive power Alzheimer disease, dementia in the dotage can be prevented.

5. Liver

Consumption of coffee is beneficial for the liver. Cirrhosis, which is the liver disorder, can be prevented by regular coffee intake.

6. Lose Weight

Moderate consumption of Coffee is claimed to reduce the fat in the body due to increase in the metabolic rate. Caution needs to be taken, as excessive consumption of coffee might not help.

7. Anti-Depressant

Intake of coffee is associated with suppression of the depression. It is mainly due to happy feelings due to coffee intake.

8. Cancer

Cancer in the liver and colorectal cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of coffee.

9. Longevity

Due to the lush of antioxidant in the coffee, it helps in stabilization of the harmful effect of free radical.

10. Dental Health

There is research that intake of coffee is associated with preventing tooth decay due to antibacterial quality.


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