10 Health Benefit of Consuming Mango

Mango is the most popular fruit around the globe. Due to aesthetically appealing texture, sound aroma and pleasant taste Mango is popular around the world. Mango is the perennial plant grows in the nutrient rich soils of the trophic. There are more than 400 varieties of the mango available around the globe.

Mango is considered to be the native of south Asia (1). The largest producer and consumer of Mango are India. A mango tree can gain the enormous height of 40 meters above the ground. Mango is grown worldwide and is considered one of the majestic species of the trophic. The raw mango is often consumed my making pickle and is wieldy used due to its prolong self-life.

Various parts of mango like the bark of the tree, root, dried mango seeds, mango skin are used for different ailments in the Ayurveda medicine.

Health Benefits of Mango are:

1. Energy Boosting

Due to the lush with the carbohydrate mango can vigor with anyone feeling the weakness of varied kinds.

2. Pregnancy

Due to the content of vital nutrients and vitamin like Vitamin B6 consuming mango is considered to be good for the pregnant women.

3. Bone Health

Due to the content of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium the overall health of the bone increase drastically.

4. Vision

Due to the contain of the vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, it helps in acquiring adequate vision.

5. Antioxidant

Mango is lush with the antioxidant. Lush with the vitamin C the potent antioxidant, which helps in the combat of the aging process to the reducing the free radical damage to the cell. A Hundred grams of mango contain forty-four percent of the vitamin C requirement (2)

6. Cancer Prevention

Chemical in the mango is claimed to protect cancer like that of the breast, leukemia, prostate, colon, etc.

7. Cognitive Power

Due to the presence of the protein coined Glutamine acid that is essential for the boosting cognitive power. Consuming mango can boost the cognitive power.

8. Digestion

The adequate digestion of the food is achieved by the consumption of the mango fruit. The innate fiber, minerals, and vitamins help in the adequate digestion of the food.

9. Weight Loss

Due to the loss in the essential nutrient, the moderate consumption of mango every day can help in losing the weight.

10. Skin Cleanser

Keeping the thin slice of mango in the skin can be effective in cleansing the skin.
It is essential to remove the slice and wash after 15 minutes.


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