11 Interesting Facts About Dingo

11 Interesting Facts About Dingo

Dingoes are the wild dogs found in Australia. They like to live proximity to the waterholes by making the dens in the abundant rabbit holes. They receive the immense attention due to predation to the kangaroo, rabbit, and Rats. This invasive species is adversely affecting the fragile ecosystem in the Australia.

There are various hypotheses about the outburst of Dingos in Australia. It is assumed that dingo is created due to the breeding of the Indian wolf or Arabic wolf long back that is six thousand to ten thousand years ago. Other hypothesis claims that they are the species migrated from south china to Australia in 18,300 to 4,600 years ago. The knowledge on how dingo invaded in Australia and remains as the apex predator is Controversial.

Facts about Dingo

1. Size

Males are robust than female and can reach the weight of 35 kilograms. The height of the mature Dingo is about 60 centimeters and total length from the tip of the tail to snouts is 154 centimeters.

2. Communication

Like the dog, they communicate by howl or whimper. It has been identified that they can produce 19 different kinds of sounds.

3. Nocturnal

In an intensive heat of the Australian desert, they have managed to remains active during a night in order to avoid the dazzling heat. Like other wild animals, they remain active during Dusk and Dawn.

4. Carnivorous

Dingoes are the carnivorous and intensive feeds in the organism available in the wild. Intensive study in the feeding habit of the dingo has established that the predominant diet of dingo comprises of more than 170 different species.

5. Gestation Period

The gestation period lasts for 61 to 69 days. Generally, up to 10 pups are born at once.

6. Tasmania Devil

Dingoes were blamed for the disappearance of the Tasmania devil from the mainland Australia. It is believed that invasion of dingo and extinction of the devil is correlated.

7. Economic Loss

Due to attack by dingo to livestock, it is causing immense damage to the economy. They are placed as the pest after the start of Australian livestock industry.

8. Sexual Maturity

A dingo female reaches the sexual maturity after 2 years of birth. The sexual maturity of male varies from one to three years of age.

9. Speed

Dingoes have the noticeable speed of around 48 kilometers in an hour.

10. Swimmer

Unlike common dogs, dingo tends to avoid the water. Due to this dingo are not expert swimmers.

11. Predators

Dingoes are the apex predator in the Australia. Crocodile, Venomous Australian snake, and human often kill dingoes.


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