13 Facts About The Precious Metal Gold

13 Facts About The Precious Metal Gold

Gold is the most widely used precious metal around the world. It is 79 element in the periodic table. Almost all the prizes like that of the pinnacle achievement award the noble prize is made up of gold. Gold in the earth is due to the bombardment of meteorites over 200 millions years ago. There is alternatives hypothesis available for the formation of gold in the earth.

The use of the gold as the ornament dated back to 4000 B.C. Due to its aesthetically profound beauty and non-reactive nature, it has remains symbol of lavishness in human civilization. Gold has higher resistance to air, moisture, or acidic conditions.

Interesting facts about gold

1. Uses

Gold is mostly used as the ornament that comprises of more than fifty percent of gold consumption. Forty percent of investment and merely ten percent in industrial use. It is widely used in computer parts due to its innate resistance to corrosion.

2. Reserve

It is estimated that 183,600 tons of gold are believed to be in the crust of the earth surface.

3. Malleable

It has high malleable nature it can be beaten until it becomes transparent.

4. Seawater

Seawater contains the gold dissolve in it. Despite the number of people claimed on the extraction of gold from seawater none have accomplished the economic extraction.

5. Extraction

Commercially feasible extraction of gold is 1 to 5 parts per million. It means that for every one million other particles there should be at least one to five gold particles in it.

6. Pollution

Sodium cyanide is used to dissolve the gold. Sodium cyanide is extremely hazardous to the biota. Due to the use of the toxic chemical to extract gold mining is often strongly opposed by environmentalist.

7. Carat

This is the measurement of the purity of gold. 24 Karats symbolized pure gold.

8. Large Consumer of Gold

The biggest overall consumer of gold is china followed by India. In past, India used to the high consumer of gold.

9. Cancer

Gold was widely used to cure ailments like cancer in past. The gold is not digested by the human digestive system and pass out without causing any harm to the body.  

10. Artificial Synthesis of Gold

Many scholars have attempted the nuclear fission to make the gold. The byproduct of gold after nuclear fission is radioactive and not fit for commercial use.

11. Melting and Boiling Point

The melting and boiling point of gold is 1,948 and 5, 162-degree centigrade.

12. Goldmine

More than two third of the gold mine is located in South Africa.

13. Astronomy

The gold can block the harmful Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and widely used in Astronomy.


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