14 Reasons for the Failure as the Blogger

14 Reasons for the Failure as the Blogger

Less than ten percent of the blogger can actually make money online. What is the reason for the failure of the blogger is there any possible reason to overcome this? In short, the question is Yes. 

Despite the availability of the advertisement network in each and every website. The majority of the blogger fails to generate sufficient revenue or generate scant revenue.

The majority of the blogger fails due to the multiple reasons some are precisely written here.

Common Causes of Failure

1. Not Analyzing Suitable Nice

Forget the claims of the blogger pundits about the profitable niche. Write in the niche that you are good at.

There are some saturated niche and are consider not lucrative for the bloggers lie SEO, Money, Nutrition, etc.

2. Lack of Update

Anyone using the Google console can easily trace this error. Lack of the update leads to the bad reputation in the search engine. This can leads to the less organic traffic.

3. Unhealthy Backlinks

Backlinks are important to rank high in the search engine. But, authority sources like Edu, gov. etc. carry far higher weight than other sites.

Beginners can create five to six different article of the same niche and can generate backlinks from their own.

4. Inferior Content

Content with the grammar and spelling errors will produce bad reputation in the search engine optimization.

This can minimize simply by typing in the Microsoft word and using the free grammar checker software.

5. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is highly important. This is essential to rank high in the search engine. Based on the traffic one needs to choose the web hosting plan.

6. Short Content

Short content is often considered inferior by the search engine. Due to immense competition to remains on the first page of the search engine the content need to be 2,000 words in length.

7. Number of Post

In order to effectively indicated by the search engine, the post should be more than 300.

8. High-Quality Image

High-quality image increases the aesthetic value of the blog. But, the excessively high-quality image takes a long time to load leading to an unnecessary increase in bounce rate. This will impact in the Search Engine Optimization.

9. Compatibility

The blog needs to be compatible with every available device not only in the mobile in order to rank high in the search engine.

10. Bad User Experience

This can be devastating if the keyword you include doesn’t match with the user experience. If the users did not stay for more than one minute in your page then it is often considered as the inferior post.

11. References

References increase the authenticity and increase the search engine ranking. Google uses 200 parameters to rank the blog on the search engine.

12. Plagiarism

It is generally perceived that Google only looks at the Heading and can be fooled by manipulating the Heading.

Due to the advancement of artificial intelligent, this acts can penalize your blog.

13. Translating Software

Generating the content from the translating software and other software is easily noticed by the search engine and can be devastating effects to the blogger.

14. Using Black Hat

There are several black hat tactics among them is the manipulation of the search engine by using the pay to click sites. This can leads to an adverse effect in long run.


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