5 Grave Consequences of Global Warming

5 Grave Consequences of Global Warming 

Global warming is the process of warming of the earth atmosphere due to global warming gasses. Global warming gasses are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, water vapor, chlorofluorocarbon, and nitrous oxide. These glasses are essential for the survival of the organism on earth. Without the global warming gasses, life in the earth is not possible due to excessive cooling in the night and intense heat during the day.

Global warming gasses trap the heat radiated by the earth surface. Due to this adequate level of global warming gas is essential for the thriving of the organism on the planet earth. Due to anthropogenic activities like burning of the fossil fuel the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased drastically which is accelerating the process of global warming.

There are theories that claim that global warming is the natural process govern by the natural process. The earth has the cycle of heating and cooling, which can be indicated by the historical evidence.

Effects of Global Worming

1. Sea Level Rise

Due to the effect of global warming sea level can rise at the fast rate. The rapid rise of sea level can cause the low-lying coastal area to get submerged in water. Countries that lie below the sea level can vanish due to rise in ocean water level.

2. Climate Change

Due to the prolong warming of the earth the climate in the earth changes. The climate of the place is calculated by analyzing the 30 years data of temperature and precipitation. This result in the alteration of normal cycle leading to lots of unwanted consequences.

3. Disease Spread

Due to warming of the atmosphere, the disease that is confined to the tropical area can spread in colder place. There is evidence of the presence of mosquito in the place where it was not sighted previously.

4. Decrease in Fauna Thieving in Clod Place

Due to the rapid warming of the atmosphere causing melting of the Antarctic ice causes the damage of habitat of the organism thieving there. This has the significant impact in polar bear, Penguin, walrus, etc.

5. Disappearance of Coral Reef

Due to the disappearance of coral reef can cause the impact in the diverse ecosystem found in it. Further, coral reef fervent the coastline from the effect of wave action and storms.


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