5 Step to Manufacture Turmeric Power in Home

5 Step to Manufacture Turmeric Power in Home

Turmeric is the multipurpose plant widely consumed around the globe. It is the annual plant native to Southeast Asia.  Recently the use of turmeric has risen due to the findings of the humongous medicinal benefits.

For long-term storage the rhizome needs to follow some simple procedure step by step, which are mention as below:  


The rhizome is extracted underneath the soil when the plant become yellow and finally dies after completing the life cycle. The rhizome needs to be cleaned thoroughly with the clean water.


Boiling of the rhizome needs to be done for around 2 hours in the slow heat. This kills the pathogens if any and makes the rhizome numb for cutting. This process is also believed to boost the property of dye.


The rhizome needs to be cut into small pieces and left for sundry. Depending upon the solar intensity the time of the sundries varies.


By vigorous shaking, any undesirable part like skin manually extracted out.


The sundried pieces are turned into powder form by using the mechanical machines of varied types.




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