6 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

6 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are medium for the development of the fertilized ovum also known as Zygote. All the vital nutrients required for the development of the zygote are present in the egg. This drastically increases the nutritional value of the egg. Except for mammals, which have the mammary gland almost all the organism, lays the eggs except some ovoviviparous.

Ovoviviparous is the production of live birth by incubating the egg inside the body. The best example of the ovoviviparous is the scorpion.

Is snake eggs are edible? This is the question frequently asked by mainly people around the globe. In short, the question is yes. Before our ancestors start domesticating birds they used to consume all types of eggs found in the wild including snake eggs.

Domestication of birds has increased the consumption of eggs due to an easy access. The air cell located at the bottom of the egg can grade the quality of the eggs. The fresh egg has small air cell and as the time precede the air cell increases the size.

Eggs contain the huge amount of protein and relatively small amount of the carbohydrate. Due to the high content of cholesterol in the egg yolk, people are concerns in eating the eggs. The content of the cholesterol is higher in the yolk and low in white.

Further, the entire cholesterol content of the single egg is less than daily recommendation. The liver releases the huge amount of cholesterol every day. Intake of the cholesterol causes the lesser release of the cholesterol by the liver in the blood.

The adequate nutritional benefit can only be obtained when the egg is adequately cooked. Bacterial-like the Salmonella is killed at the 71-degree centigrade temperature. Further, someone suffering from heart disease and diabetes needs to consume egg in moderation. People with the diabetes are often advised to eat the egg white instead of whole eggs.

Health Benefit of the Eggs are Summarized Below:

1. Weight Loss

Due to the adequate amount of amino acid in the eggs and is roughly around six gram in one egg. Adequate consumption of essential amino acid brings several beneficial results.

2. Vision

Due to the content of the potent antioxidant like Lutein and Zeaxanthin the damage to the retina in the eye can be prevented. Also, regular consumption of the eggs drastically reduces the risk of cataracts occurrence.

3. Nervous System

The choline in the eggs acts as the neurotransmitter. Due to this, the healthy nervous system can be gained by consuming eggs. As it is commonly perceived that choline is vital for the normal brain development.

4. Heart Disease

Consuming the egg raises the good cholesterol that is High-density Lipoprotein (HDL). This has the beneficial effect of reduction of the heart diseases.

5. Healthy Immune System

Due to the lush in the content of the essential vitamins and micronutrient it has the innate capacity to boost the immune system.

6. Cancer

There are the researchers that claim that the prevention of breast cancer is done by taking the moderate amount of eggs.


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