6 Health Risk of Fructose in Human Body

6 Health Risk of Fructose in Human Body

Fructose is the simple carbohydrate like the sucrose and glucose. Fructose is found naturally in fruits, vegetable, honey etc. as simple natural sugar. Due to the huge demand of fructose sugar synthetic fructose cone syrup is widely used. Due to the wide use of fructose in different food, it has risen lots of heath concern.

Recent evidence suggests that fructose is present in the milk of the breastfeeding mother. Due to the fructose in the milk, there has been the surge in obesity problems. Recently, no sugar diet is laden with fructose is causing the situation even worse by adding fructose as the sweetening agent.

Intake of glucose triggers the release of insulin in the bloodstream whereas this mechanism is virtually absent while fructose gets into the bloodstream. The surge in demand of synthetic fructose around the globe is clear the concern of the health epidemic.

Some of the Adverse Consequences of Eating Fructose are:

1. Decrease in Insulin Sensitivity

Consumption of fructose is related with insulin insensitivity in the body, especially in the liver.

2. Increase the Fat

The metabolic byproduct of fructose is fat and the metabolism solely takes place in liver this is the reason why consumption of fructose is related with obesity.

3. Proliferation of Unwanted Bacteria in Gut

Fructose cannot get absorbed in all cells of the body. Due to this nature unwanted growth of pathogenic bacteria occurs in the gut. This result in unnecessary gut disease.  

4. Increase in Stone Problem

Due to increase in uric acid production in the body, it has the adverse effect in human body.

5. Leptin Resistance

Leptin is the hormone vital for the control of body weight due to the regulation of metabolic process and an appetite. The resistance of this hormone makes the body prone to obesity.

6. Cancer

Cancer cells proliferate by harnessing the fructose as the source of energy.


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