Addiction Problems Causes, Effects, and Treatment

Addiction Problems Causes, Effects, and Treatment

Addiction can simply be defined as an obsession with something that is detrimental to the human body. There is various kind of addiction they are the Internet, cocaine, alcohol, heroin, weed, tobacco, gambling, video game, work, smart phone etc.

Causes of Addiction

Addiction is caused by a number of factors among them is unresolved emotional trauma, poverty, mental illness, bad companion, etc. are believed to be the prime cause of addiction.

Video Game Addiction

Children, when not guided by the parents, can possibly develop the video game addiction. The younger member of the family needs to have scant knowledge of the symptoms of addiction. It takes the little time and effort to read few articles to have some glimpse about addiction.

Tobacco and Hard Line Drugs

Tobacco contains the nicotine that has withdrawal symptoms that can drive anyone to addiction. Similarly, hard line drugs have the potent withdrawal symptoms that have the potential for anyone to become addicted.

Addiction to Teenagers

Curiosity is the prime driving factors of addiction especially for the teenage. Addiction to the heroin and the cocaine can be taken as a good example of this. Due to the curiosity teenagers start to take these drugs and get addicted. Once someone gets the euphoria of these drugs it is almost impossible to get rid of them.


Though marijuana is legal in various parts of the world. It has the potential of addiction. The tetra hydro cannabinol in the marijuana has the similar addicting potential like the nicotine in the tobacco. Further, there is the high risk of marijuana smoker to indulge themselves in the hard line drugs.

Addiction to Specific Drugs

People thriving in the workaholic culture often want to do work is enthusiastic manner. The methyl phentermine often called ice makes the work in mundane life easy. This is the prime reason that people are indulging in specific kinds of drugs.


Addiction on the younger age especially to the video game can damage the vision of the eye. Further, it can lead to the social isolation that can produce hindrance in socialization when the child grew up.

The common effects of the addiction are the rapid mood swing, anxiety, depression, Abnormal fear, violent, alternation of sleep schedule, etc.

Overcoming Blood Brain Barrier

Hardline drugs have the potential to overcome the blood brain barrier. Due to this reason, the normal functioning and structure of the brain can be altered. Our body has the mechanism to check the unwanted substance entering in the brain and often known as blood brain barrier.

Blood brain barrier is the semipermeable membrane that separates the extracellular fluid in the brain from the circulating blood.

Birth Defect

A birth defect can occur if the pregnant woman takes the drugs during the pregnancy.

Interesting Part

Coca cola was invented by the chemist to treat the drugs addiction.


Depending upon the type of addiction the treatment process varies. The addiction to the tobacco, alcohol, is different from the addiction to the hard line drugs thus requires different treatment approach.

Effective addiction treatment needs strong scrutinization on the cause of addiction. Without understanding the cause of addiction effective treatment is almost impossible to attend. There are the medications available for the treatment of the specific drugs indulgence.



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