Advantage of Eating Chili

Advantage of Eating Chili

Almost all the people around the world are familiar with the hot taste of chili. The oil soluble chemical capsaicin is responsible for hot taste. There are different varieties of chilies are available including non-hot variety suitable for consumption as the vegetable.

Chili originated from Mexico and spread around the globe. Presently number one producer, consumer, and exporter of chili are India. Chili was introduced in Asia by the Portuguese and Arab traders in fifteen centuries.

The Advantage of Eating Chilies are Given Below

Boost Immune System

Regular consumption of the chili is related with boosting the immune system. The chemical in the chill is beneficial for combating against different diseases.


Chilies pepper contain the huge amount of carbohydrate, protein, trace amount of fat, followed by vitamins and minerals. The Vitamin A, B, C and minerals like Iron, magnesium, Potassium is found in chili are beneficial to human health.


Chili has the potent capacity to reduce the pain. Due to this peculiar nature chili peppers are often used in the remedy of chronic pain.  This is due to the production of endorphin after the consumption of the chili peppers. Reducing the perception of the pain due to endorphin alters the receptor of the brain.


Regular consumption of the chili shows the inverse relation with diabetes. There are scant researchers to confirm this.

Digestion of Food

Consuming the chili is related to the adequate digestion of food. This is emphasized in the Chinese medicine.

Weight Loss

Capsaicin in the chili is thought to be good for anyone thinking losing body weight. Due to the heat production due to eating chili, it is believed to lose the fat in the body.

Repellant of Larger Mammals

Large animals repelled by the pungent smell of the chili. Due to these peculiar nature farmers in the rural area plant the chili plant around the field for the defense against the parasite.


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