6 Air Pollution Facts

6 Air Pollution Facts

Air pollution is the alternation of the normal concentration of gasses due to contamination with harmful substances. Air is vital for the entire organism in the earth including Human. Oxygen, which is vital for the life, is mixed in the air. Due to the air pollution, the various respiratory disease is creating havoc around the globe. The problem is severing in the urban cities. Millions of immature death around the globe takes place due to air pollution. Annually more than 5 trillion economic loss is indicated due to air pollution.

Narrow alteration in the normal concentration of gasses can be catastrophic to the biota. Let's take an example of the oxygen we breathe. Its concentrations in the air are twenty-one percentages. Rise in the level of oxygen to thirty percent creates inferno as oxygen helps in burning. Further, lowering of the oxygen concentration to ten percent can create a situation in which it will be impossible to burn any matters.

Normally it often heard that dilution is the solution to the pollution. This term applies only in the moderation. Due to inversion, which prevents the vertical mixing of the air, the effect of the air pollution increases drastically. Inversion is the condition in which the warmer air lies at the top of cold air.

Facts about Air Pollution

1. Causes

Automobile emission from the fossil fuels, emission from factories, pollen, dust, volcano, forest fire, dust storm, etc. Both the natural and anthropogenic sources trigger the air pollution.  

2. Particles

Particles are of serious health concern as they have lots of noisome effects to human health. A particle less than 2.5-micronmeters gets dissolve in the blood and is excreted by the body. Particles less than 10 and 2.5 can create lots of noisome due to effective deposited in the lungs. Particles higher than 10 micrometers get settle by dry deposition within few hours of emission. Particles can originate naturally from the storm, volcanic eruption, fire, etc., and artificially by coal combustion, vehicles emission, etc.

3. Acid Rain

This is due to the emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxide, which create the acid in the atmosphere and falls to the earth as precipitation. Due to the acid content in the acid rain, there has been the massive destruction of the buildings and monuments. Traditional monuments get damaged by the acid rain can be devastating.  

4. Primary and Secondary Pollutants

Primary pollutants are those emitted directly into the atmosphere. The primary pollutants are the gasses from the volcanic eruption, carbon monoxide from the emission of the vehicle. Secondary pollutants are like the formation of ozone in the earth surface.  

5. Indoor Air Pollution

It is generally believed that indoor pollution is thousands of times higher than outdoor pollution. The asbestos from carpet, Formaldehyde from plywood, leads from paint are the frequent encountered indoor pollution. Indoors cooking mostly in the rural part, spraying chemical without proper ventilation can be worst.  

6. Preventive Measure

Using less fossil fuel, renewable energy electricity, efficient technology that emits less pollution, Law to control unwanted emission of different types. Awareness to the public especially adequate education to the children can be effective in controlling air pollution.


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