Amazing Facts About Kangaroos

Amazing Facts About Kangaroos

Kangaroo is the marsupial mammals native to the Australia. They are widely noticed due to the bizarre outlook and intensive nourishing of the infant by keeping in the Marsupial pose. Due to the immature birth of the offspring, it is essential to keep them under marsupial pose to increases the survival. Kangaroo is the unofficial symbol of the Australia. The long feet makes unsuitable for working and they prefer hopping as the means of Locomotion. European considers the kangaroo as the strange animals.

Kangaroo has been traditionally used by the aboriginals for meat, leather hides, etc.

Facts about Kangaroos

1. Social Behavior

Kangaroo live in the group often refers to as the Mobs. There are 10 members in a group.

2. Herbivorous

The predominate diet comprises of the vegetation. Kangaroo has the three-chamber stomach similar that of the ungulates that help in the digestion of the food.

3. Predators

Predators of the kangaroo under the wild condition are virtually absent except the human.

4. Weight

A fully grown male can weigh up to 90 kg and the length is greater than 2 meters.

5. Speed

They use the hopping as the means of movement the highest speed is observed to be 70 kilometers per hour for short distance.

6. Nocturnal

Due to their habitat in the desert that receives dazzling heat during the day. Kangaroo remains active at night in order to escape from the immense heat.

7. No release of Methane

In spite of having the four-chamber stomach that mimic the ungulates kangaroo do not release the methane gas.

8. Gestation Period

The gestation period is brief that is 31 to 36 days. The immature newborn climbs to the pouch and attach to a teat. It stays there for nine to eighteen months until it leaves the mother. The baby of the newborn of the kangaroo is known as Joey.

9. Meat

Kangaroo meat is high demand due to low fat and high protein content in it. The licensed hunter hunts kangaroo and the meat is exported to different parts of the world.

10. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy of the kangaroo in the captive is found to be greater than 20 years of age. Under natural condition, the lifespan drastically decreases that is eight to twelve years of age.

11. Road Safety

Kangaroo is the frequent cause of road accident in the Australian highways. Due to their massive speed, Kangaroo is unnoticed by the Drivers.


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