Anaconda Snake Interesting Facts

Anaconda Snake Interesting Facts 

Anaconda is the largest non-poisonous aquatic snake found in South America. Due to the Gangetic size, it has the bad reputation in the area where it thieves. The green, yellow, dark-spotted and Bolivian anacondas are the four species of anaconda thriving in the earth. The green anaconda is believed to the largest anaconda. The length of the anaconda can grow up to 30 meters. The Gangetic size of this snakes makes extremely difficult to measure the precise size. Due to the excessive fear person who sees the anaconda always over speculate its size.

Anaconda kills the prey by suffocating it. It entangles the prey and grasps firmly as the animal expel the air the anaconda tightened the grips. This process demise the ability of prays to respire leading to suffocation and finally death.

Anaconda Facts:

1. Longest Snake

Anaconda is often perceived as the world longest snake but the Guinness Book of World Records state the reticulated python to be the world longest snake recorded with the length of 7.6 meters.

2. Lifespan

The life span of the anaconda is different in captive and wild. Usually, in wild the anaconda can live for 10 years and captive for 30 years.

3. Longer Female

Female are longer than male. Female are known to measure 4.5 meters and males are known to attend the length of 2.7 meters. The length of anaconda is highly debated and requires researchers to verify it.

4. Nocturnal

Anaconda remains active during Night and early evening.

5. Larger Female

The enormous female can sometimes eat the male, especially during the nutrient shortage periods.

6. Sexual Maturity

Anaconda reaches the sexual maturity at the age of 3 to 4 Years. Different literature highly debates on the age of attaining the sexual maturity.

7. Gestation Period

The gestation period is recorded to be six months.

8. Ovoviviparous

This term is generally applied to the organism that gives birth to offspring instead of laying eggs. They keep the egg inside the body for incubation. When the embryo is fully developed it is liberating outside. The number of anaconda babies varies from 30. The number of offspring depends on the size of anaconda larger female have many offspring and smaller have fewer one.

9. Anaconda Eats Human

Anaconda eats tougher predator than human so they are capable of suffocating human.

10. Threats

Human activities like keeping them as pets, selling the skin, and the innate fear that human possesses which always compel to kill this animal.

11. Under Water

Anaconda is the expert swimmer and can stay in the water for 10 minutes and came out to the surface to breath.


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