Antioxidants: Natural Sources, Division and Requirement

The antioxidant has been buzzing around long time back. Advertisement around the media uses the term antioxidant the marketing tool for several products. Due to huge media attention pharmacy companies are selling the antioxidant at the expensive rate. Without the consult of the physician, people is using them. Almost all the required antioxidant are produced within the body are some required in the dietary supplement.

The antioxidant prevents the oxidation. Oxidation is characterized by the production of the free radical that has the innate capacity to damage the cell. The oxidative damage is of sever as the chain reaction takes places. A chain reaction can be defined as the repeated and continuous reaction for long period.

Aging is caused by various factors. Free radical theory of aging is one among many aging theories. Taking antioxidant doses not prolong the lifespan. This is the things need to be considered seriously before taking the supplement of antioxidant.

The mundane diet we consume has antioxidant needed for our body. So, using the antioxidant supplement is of nugatory health value.

The science behind the antioxidant is the complex. There are thousands of the literature available for the need of supplement of antioxidant and opposing on to them.

Division of Antioxidant

The antioxidant can be divided into two categories based on solubility. They on the basis of solubility in fat and water. The lipid soluble antioxidants are essential to cell membrane protection and the water-soluble antioxidants are essential for the protection of the blood plasma and cytosol.

Natural Sources of Antioxidant

Antioxidants are naturally found in the fruits, vegetable, green leaves, nuts, etc. Prolonging cooking can destroy the antioxidant. Adequate cooking time is vital to retain the antioxidant in the body.

During the processing of food in factories antioxidant get destroyed. Excessive use of process food might not provide the adequate amount of antioxidant require for the body.

Vitamin c is also known as ascorbic acid is found in varied of the citrus fruit. Vitamin E is found in the variety of nuts and seeds. The Carotenoids are found in the Eggs, fruit, and vegetable.

Due to lack of adequate knowledge about the availability of antioxidant naturally in food unjustified spending is occurring in the variety of bogus pills.

Sedentary Life Style and Antioxidant

There is growing concern about the increase in aging effect due to the sedentary lifestyle. To combat the aging effect due to sedentary lifestyle people are inclined to use the antioxidant supplement. This might not work, as there is no adequate research to support this.

Instead, moderate exercise, which increases the oxygen consumption in the body, can be beneficial.

Preventing disease

There is no precise research to claims the effect of antioxidant in prolonging the life span. There is no evidence that the antioxidant prevents cancer and other heart diseases (1)(2).


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