Memorizing Facts About Avalanche

Memorizing Facts About Avalanche

Avalanche is rapidly moving slow mass on the sloping surface. This is normally the natural phenomenon. A natural event like the Earthquake, volcano, the massive snowstorm, etc. can trigger the avalanche. Some time anthropogenic activities like blasting or any disturbance in the thick layer of snow can cause the avalanche.

Avalanche is the most serious concern of the one who is enthusiastic in mountain Climbing. There is the need to be familiar with avalanche to avoid mishaps.

Normally, the avalanche is trigger by the immense pressure of the snow at the bottom of the thick layer of ice. Due to the immense pressure, the melting of the ice at the bottom takes place. The melting of the bottom of the ice triggers the movement of the large block of ice often known as the avalanche.

Due to the large size, they sweep out any material that catches in the way including the boulder. This can leads to the formation of Glacier Lake. Large Glacier lake formation can be noisome as it poses the risk of certain burst which is commonly referred to as the Glacier lake outburst flood shortly known as GLOF.

Interesting Facts about Avalanche

1. Natural

Avalanche is the natural process and can only be accelerated by human activities. Generally, it is perceived that avalanche is caused mostly by anthropogenic disturbance.

2. Death

More than one hundred and fifty people die every year due to avalanches.


The lake produce from the avalanche can be very dangerous. Due to the accumulation of the large volume of water and the fragile barrier checked by the debris. There is always a risk at the downstream due to the certain burst of the lake.

4. Shouting

There is the common perception that avalanche can be trigger by shouting loudly in a snowy mountain. This might not be possible as the energy released from the sound pressure is almost impossible to trigger the avalanches.

5. Prevention

In order to avoid the unnecessary noisome due to large avalanche such as blocking of road, unnecessary casualty. Small avalanche can be induced by blasting at the precise timing. This can avoid large snow mass to accumulate.

6. Warning Signs

Like the earthquake, one cannot precisely estimate the precise time when the avalanche triggers. 

7. High Speed

The speed of the avalanche is high that is more than 130 kilometers in merely five seconds. Avalanche acts like the juggernaut wiping every particle in the way.

8. Caught in Avalanche

It is difficult to escape while caught in the avalanche. As the avalanche get concrete immediately upon settling. There is the constant need of body movement during when engulf by the avalanche. Swimming hard is the best options available as the human body is denser than debris in the avalanche. If inside the tent it is necessary to stay with the head down. Most of the victims are successfully rescued within the less than a hour. Rescue need to be done immediately to avoid unnecessary casualty.


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