Best Treatment For Hair Loss Naturally

Best Treatment For Hair Loss Naturally

Hair is made up keratin is and it grows from skin. Hair is one of the essential requirements in mammals. Due to secretion of the fatty substance by glands underneath the lubrications of the hair has become possible. The different natural color of the hair is due to the secretion of the different pigment.

Hair has the different function in the human body such as thermal regulation, sense of touch, protection etc. Due to the huge social significance of hair in human beings loss of hair is of serious concern. Regrowth of the lost hair is almost impossible so there is the need to control the hair losses at the beginning phase.

Acute hair loss is due to iron deficiency, Lupus, Thyroid abnormalities and hormone irregularities. There is the strong need to consult the doctor instead of relying to natural ways of treatment if sudden hair loss happens.

Excessive dose of Vitamin A can also trigger the hair loss. It is always essential to use the vitamin supplement under the recommendation of the medical person.

Best Natural Treatment of Hair Loss

1. Onion Juice

Applying fifteen milliliters of onion juice in the scalp and rinsing after half an hour with cold Water. It is essential to repeat this for eight times in a month in order to obtain the adequate benefits. Onion juice is lush with sulfur that has the antibacterial quality.

2. Aloe Vera

This multipurpose plant is effective in controlling the hair loss in the scalp. Due to alkalizing properties, they help in the promoting of hair growth.  Leaving one hour after applying the aloe Vera gel and washing thoroughly can be best options.

3. Hair Oil

The message of the hair oil in the scalp can increase the blood flow to the hair follicle to the brain leading to the beneficial effects. It is essential to apply the hair oil at least once a week to acquire the benefit.

4. Anti Fungal

Certain fungi and ringworm can cause the loss of hair. This can be effectively treated with an antibacterial agent like Neem oil and citric acid.

5. Cold Water

Bathing with the warm water can accelerate the hair loss it is advised to bath with cold water.

6. Mundane Tension

Unnecessary thinking can lead to the chronic tension. Around 99% of unwanted fear did not happen in life. So, it is better to stay focus and alert instead of excessive thinking.

7. Life Style

The unhygienic lifestyle like cigarette smoking, drinking is also associated with hair loss. It is essential to maintain the healthy lifestyle to prevent hair loss.

8. Indian Gooseberry

Applying the gooseberry locally known as Amla to the scalp and leaving overnight and washing with the shampoo can be best options available to prevent hair loss. The ancient Ayurveda strongly recommend its use for making healthier hair.

9. Beetroot

Applying the paste of beetroot leaves on the scalp and lifting for twenty minutes can be effective to prevent hair loss.

10. Ginger

Applying the Ginger paste in the scalp and washing after lifting for half and hour can produce beneficial effects.


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