Box Jellyfish Venomous Marine Animal

Box Jellyfish Venomous Marine Animal

Jellyfish are the umbrella-shaped aquatic animals with soft body thieving in the earth for millions of years ago. Despite the term fish is used for this animal it is not true fish due to the absence of vertebral column.

Jellyfish receives tremendous public attention as box Jellyfish is considered as an organism laden with lethal toxic venom. Further, Recently researchers found that species of jellyfish are immortal. The human craving for immortality can possible is hidden within these mysterious creatures.

Box jellyfish sting can be extremely painful and lethal to the human. Lack of adequate understanding of the migratory behavior of this organism has caused the immense casualty. The weight of the box jellyfish can measure up to 2 kg and the length of the tentacles can go up to 3 meters.

Facts About the Box Jellyfish

1. Distribution

They are predominately found around the globe in warm coastal water. The lethal variety is found in Indo-pacific region.

2. Fatality

Due to potassium leakage in the body, there is the immediate cardiovascular collapse. The victim dies within two to five minutes. Due to the innate lethal venom, it is extremely difficult to do researches in them. Normally, the lethal venom is used as the tool for catching fishes by the box jellyfish.  

3. Speed

It has been recorded that the box jellyfish can travel at the distance of six meters in one minute. This speed is higher in compared to other jellyfish thriving in this planet.

4. Eye

The eye consists of cornea, lenses, and retina. The true eye is found in jellyfish in contrast to other jellyfish. Twenty-four simple eyes are present in the box jellyfish to detect the light and darkness. Due to the absence of central nervous system coordination the mechanism behind how the image processing works in vague.

5. Well-developed Nervous System

The nervous system of the box jellyfish is well developed compared to other jellyfish.

6. Pray

Box jellyfish feeds on the small fishes.

7. Predator

Sea turtles feed on the box jellyfish. The lethal venom of the box jellyfish has not effect in the Sea turtles.

8. Lifespan

The average life span of the box jellyfish is believed to be less than one year. Much research needs to done on the elusive species to precisely predict the lifespan.

9. Color

The color of the box jellyfish ranges from pale blue and transparent.

10. Casualty

There is no official estimate on the casualty per year due to box jellyfish stings. It can be estimated that hundreds of casualty occur around the globe due to the string of box jellyfish.


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