Cape Gooseberry: The Wonder Weed Health Benefit

This is the plant found around the tropical and temperate region of Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. It mostly occurs as the weed in the field during the summer. Being the weed it has the extreme tolerance to drought and has prolific regeneration power.  

This is the annual plant merely attend the height of 3 foot when fully mature.

Due to its pleasant taste when ripe followed by multiple health benefits it is gaining immense popularity around the globe. Due to multiple benefits combined with lucid cultivation methods human have been cultivating this plant from the long time back.

In South Africa is it is commercially cultivated and canned and export to the various parts of the world.

The extract from the leaves was used to cure different ailments in the urinary tract.

As ornament

In Peru, the early age women used to wear Cape gooseberry as the ornament. This is date back to 18th century.


Unripe fruits are better taste and toxic hence not advised to consume.


The carbohydrate content in it is higher than fat and protein. Vitamins present are vitamin A, C, and B complex like B 1, 2, 3. Minerals present are Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium.

Health Benefit


Consumption of Cape gooseberry can be effective in chronic constipation. The fiber comprises of about five percent of the gooseberry due to this it can facilitate the adequate bowel movement.


Due to the innate iron content in the Cape gooseberry, it is effective in the combat of the Anemia.


Vitamin A, which is essential for mentioning the good vision, is present in the Cape gooseberry. Consumption of which helps in the combat of the Iron loss from the body.

Strengthen bone

Due to the high amount of calcium and phosphorous content in the berry which is helpful in strengthening the bone.

Immunity boosting

Due to the content of vitamin C, it is effective in the immunity boosting.



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