5 Challenge on the Conquerer of the Mars

5 Challenge on the Conquerer of the Mars

Mars is the fourth planet of the solar system that lies in proximity to the earth. It is often referred to as the red planet due to the presence of iron oxide. It is half the diameter of the earth that is 6, 779 Kilometer. It has two moons the Phobos and the Deimos.  The atmosphere of the mars comprised of gasses like carbon dioxide, Argon, Nitrogen, Methane and other gasses in varied concentration.

Recently there has been the rise in the willingness of human migration into mars. The evidence of the liquid water in the Mars is fueling the human desire to migrate.

Interesting information about Mars

1. Time required to travel

The distance between the earth and the mars is about 50 million kilometers at its closed approach. Assuming the present speed of the lunch the time require to reach the mars is greater than 150 days.

2. Development in Mars Mission

Various billionaires like the Elon Musk, Richard Branson, etc. are funding the reusable rocket that can take human to mars. The Space X founder Elon Musk has the weird plan to sent tourist to mars in 2024. Unlike the common rocket that can only be used once the reusable rocket can be used repetitively and can be lucrative if launched successfully. Despite being the highly expensive process there are thousands of people willing to migrate the mars including one-way migration.

Massive funding to various government agencies around the globe on the exploration of the mars is making the information crystal clear. There is a silent competition between the government around the world to exploit the potential resources from the Mars. 

3. Space tourism

The space tourism in the mars can be the first milestone for the human to conquered the mars. The reusable rocket can be lucrative for large companies. Companies are in the experimental phase of making the reusable rockets. There are lots of problems, which need to overcome such as overcoming the friction of the atmospheric particles, gravity, etc.

4. Problems in Mass migration

The mass migration of human to mars has several problems first is the successful use of reusable rocket for transporting and the second is to manipulate the atmospheric gasses concentration. The third is to create the self-sustaining ecosystem artificially in the mars. Creating self-sustaining system has not been unsuccessful previously.

Relying on Present information about the environment of the Mars it cannot support the life like that of the earth. There is the need to manipulate the atmospheric gasses and lot other elements to sustain the life. If the human did not succeed in manipulating the environment of mars the outcome of the migration can be catastrophic.

5. Why space migration is essential?

Recently the statement made by Stephen Hawking that humanity will disappear from the earth in less than 1,000 years is fueling the human desire to migrate. Human willingly or unwillingly tends to remains mortal. Whatever the case may be it is impossible to overcome the background extinction. Due to the massive disturbance in the natural cycles by anthropogenic activities life on earth are on the verge of existence.


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