10 Cheap Holiday Destinations Around The Globe

10 Cheap Holiday Destinations Around The Globe

Traveling is the process of refreshment is gaining immense popularity in the present world. Due to huge stress in the mundane schedule, anyone can get frustrated with life. These necessitate the means for the refreshment of which the best means is traveling.

While consideration cheap holiday destination there is essential to lucubration in the place to travel. The climate of the place, geopolitical situation, availability of hotels, hospitals, etc. needs to be considering seriously. Knowing the climate helps in the packaging of the clothes, Good hotels can enhance the refreshment, in the case of the medical emergency hospital is vital.

Visiting in the country with the tumultuous political situation or in the civil war can negatively impact the overall experience. Nevertheless, reading about the experience of the people visited can give the realistic view about the specific place.

Cheap Holiday Destination

1. Nepal

Nepal is the land of Everest, which welcomes all the people willing to visit. There is considered to be the cheapest place to visit. There are lots of videos on the Internet claiming that couple living in less than $1 a day. Foreigners can have the aerial view of world highest Mount Everest for less than $100 USD. Further, anyone willing to climb Mount Everest can be benefited by the recent decision by the Nepalese government. Now, the individual travelers are preferred than the group one.

2. Thailand

This is one of the cheapest destinies in the world. Everyone venturing around likes to talk about the Thailand as the potential destiny. Recently, there has been the decrease in tourist traffic to this country due to insecurity.

3. Vietnam

This country is the developing country enjoying the world cheapest destination. Anyone can have full enjoyed for few pennies. There are various activities like riding, watching scenes is most popular in Vietnam.

4. India

India is often known as the land of mystic, yoga and many others.  Visiting India worth every single penny due to lots of activities going on. India is known as the cheapest food available around the globe. Due to this traveling India is cheap. One can have majestic experience of various activates by spending few pennies. Further, Indian government willingness to promote the medical tourism can be the bone for someone searching quality medical treatment with reliable cost.

5. Cambodia

This is considered as one of the cheapest destiny in the word. Wanderlust venturing around the globe feels same on paying so little. Further various options for the hotel are available including lavish hotel.

6. Honduras

Despite this small country is not on the most visited list. It is worth visiting Honduras. The expensive of mega cheap food and drink, hotel cost few bucks.

7. Srilanka

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean in all side this small island ocean can be the best place for anyone loves the breeze, trekking in the jungle, etc. This place can be the venture for less than $30 USD in a day.

8. Greece

Greece is the country needs to be visited once in a lifetime. Greece has the island of great natural beauty. One can stay in the cheap hotels enjoying the world-class service.

9. Malaysia

Anyone loving street food can visit this cheap country. People can enjoy the cousin and good accommodation in few bucks.

10. Philippines

This has remained one of the cheap destinies in Asia. It is bit expensive than Thailand and Cambodia. Various activities like hiking, camping etc. are available in relatively cheap price.


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