10 Cheetahs Interesting Facts

10 Cheetahs Interesting Facts

Cheetahs are highly noticed carnivorous thieving in the earth. Due to its attractive fur and high speed, it has been widely noticed around the globe.

Cheetahs are the hunting leopard found in eastern and southeastern Africa and Iran.  The African cheetahs are in vulnerable whereas Iranian cheetah is on the critically endangered list in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The weight of the mature cheetahs can go up to 72 kg and the length can reach up to 90 centimeters with the height of 120 centimeters.

Cheetah hunts in the medium size prey weighing from 23 to 56 kg. It stalks the prey when they approach 100 to 300 meters in distance. They can eat around 10kg of meat within a couple of hours after the successful hunt.

Cheetah Facts

1. Active During Day

Unlike most of the carnivorous which are active during the night. Cheetah is active during the day mostly due to rapid speed. Their keen eyesight suitable in grassland environment makes them invincible.

2. Fastest Speed in the World

It can reach at the average speed of 64 kilometers per hour. This is considering as the fasted land animal in the world. At the peak of chasing pray the speed can rise up to 112 to 120 kilometers per hour.

3. Time of Chase

The chase lasts for less than one hour. Due to the production of massive heat during chasing cheetah needs to cool down after chasing.

4. Physiology

The entire body physiology is designed for fast speed. The enlarge lungs, Heart is meant to deliver huge oxygen to the blood in short period of time. This is vital for the production of the high amount of energy in short period of time.

5. Average Life Span

Average life span of the cheetah is 12 years and some have been living for more than 20 years in captive.

6. Reason for Decline

Habitat loss combined with hunting and keeping the animal as the pet is the cause of the decline of cheetah population.

7. Reproduction

Cheetah female becomes sexually mature at 21 to 22 months of age. The gestation period is 3 month and the weight of the cub is 150 to 400 gram at the time of birth.

8. Mortality

Cheetah is noted for high infant mortality that is up to 80% within eight to fourteen months of age.

9. Cub Hunting

Although the cub starts to hunt at the age of six months but the successful catch can only be made after fifteen months of age.

10. Elevation

Although cheetah body is not suitable for higher elevation it has been recorded the altitude of 4,000 Meters.


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