Chromosome 2 Fusion in Human

Chromosome 2 Fusion in Human

Chromosomes are the threadlike nucleic acid located in the nucleolus of the living cell. It functions as the information transfer from one generation to another. Human has 23 pairs of the chromosome whereas other primates like the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan have the 24 pairs of chromosome. There is highly controversial hypothesis on the possible cause of the chromosome fusion. Chromosomal fusion is often considered as the part of evolution. Not only in the human the chromosome fusion has also occurred in server species like the horses, fruit fly etc.  Despite all this, the chromosome fusion has made human existence possible on the planet earth.

A chromosome consists of two distinct parts that are Telomere and Centromere. The telomere is located at the both ends of the chromosome. The centromeres are located in the middle part of the chromosome. In chromosome 2 the telomere is located at the bottom of the chromosome indicating the fusion of two chromosomes into one.

Many believed that human has lost one pair of the chromosome during mutation. Yes, mutations are the source of new genes and are the essential part of evolution. Loss of chromosomes does not sound logical, as the chromosome loss can be catastrophic and leads to the disappearance of species. As the gene function as the information storage to transfer the hereditary characters from parents to offspring.

Some including the renounce scientist believed that the supernatural power preferably god has fused the chromosome to make the human beings rule the earth. Despite wide criticism, there are many people still believing this notion.


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