10 Common Cancer Causing Foods

10 Common Cancer Causing Foods

Cancer can simply be defined as the uncontrolled growth of the cell. This can be trigger by various factors. There are two types of cancer one is malignant and one is benignant. Malignant tumors are the bad tumors that are bad due to rapid spread. Whereas benignant cancer is innocuous in nature.

The cause of the cancer is believed to be gene mutation triggers by a number of factors. Usually, virus, radiation, obesity, hormones, sedentary habit, food are claimed to be the causative factors of cancer in human body.

Using the fresh product, high-quality oil, and reducing the consumption of canned food can be the best modification for the healthy diet.

Some of the Cancers Causing Food

1. Deep Fried Food

Due to the oxidation during deep-frying at the higher temperature, it creates free radicles. Deep fried food when intake damages the molecules in the cell.

2. White Flour

Due to the use of chlorine gas during refining process that is potent bleaching agent white flour is the potent carcinogen. Further, due to high glycemic index in the white flour, it can increase the insulin resistance. Simple sugars can fuel the occurrence of cancer.

3. Microwave Popcorn

Due to the chemical-laded in the popcorn, it has got the center of attraction of the possible cause of lung cancer. Diacetyl, which is used as the artificial butter flavor, can be toxic to human.

4. Genetically Modified Foods

Due to the rife use of genetically modified food that is the byproducts of genetic engineering it can trigger cancer. The long-term effects of the genetically modified foods cannot be ascertained.

5. Red Meat

Due to the liberation of heterocyclic aromatic amines during the grilling process of red meat, it can cause cancer. It is better to consume red meat by the alternative method instead of grilling and smoking.

6. High Fructose Cans Syrup

Due to high glycemic index in the syrup that causes upsets insulin in the body. This can have the detrimental effect on the growth of cancerous cells.

7. Smoked Foods

Due to the conversion of nitrates in the food to potent nitrites during high temperature while cooking. This can be the potent cause of cancer.

8. Carbonated Beverage

Food with the high glycemic index tends to spike cancer. Carbonated beverage with high refined sugar in it is the potential cause of cancer. Also, the coloring agent used in carbonated beverage can cause cancer.

9. Canned Food

Due to the preservative loaded in the canned food, it can be the potential carcinogen. Due to the use of Bisphenol-A in the lining of the canned food, this is considered potential carcinogen.

10. Potato Chips

Due to laden of the high amount of salt and fried in hydrogenated oil consuming potato chips can cause cancer. High level of Acrylamide due to heating can cause cancer.


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