Common Cold Lucid Home Remedies

Common Cold Lucid Home Remedies

The common cold is the Infection of the virus in the upper respiratory tract that affects the nose. The common symptom of the common cold is the watery nose. This is relatively innocuous and eases with time but it does not feel in that way. It normally persists for two to three days and eases with time. Persistent symptoms for the prolonged period of time requires the medical attention.

When the season changes from autumn to winter people normally suffer from the symptoms. The vaccine of the common cold is not available so it is highly advisable to have the proper hygiene by various germs sterilizers available.

Some of the Natural ways to get Rid of the Common Cold are:

1. Lemon

Lemon contains the vitamin C, which is vital for the combat of the common cold. Consuming a single lemon in a day can have the beneficial result of the common cold.

2. Common Salt

It is used to open the clogged nose of the infant. The concentration of NaCl or the common salt needs to be around 0.65% in the sterile water solution. The solution can be inserted by using the dropper to the nose of the infant.

3. Water Vapor

Inhaling the water vapor is affecting in unblocking the watery nose. This need to be done with caution as excessive inhalation of water vapor might have the detrimental effect in human body.

4. Ginger Mixed with Honey

Deep fried ginger is mixed with honey and consumed twice a day. This is effective because ginger produces heat in the body.

5. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is considered as the best remedy for the common cold. Use of the turmeric power can boost the overall immunity and has the beneficial effect to the human health.

6. Garlic Cloves

Consuming one clove of raw garlic can have the beneficial effect of the remedy of the common cold. Consuming raw garlic more than one cloves in a day is not good for health due to high sulfur content.

7. Soup

Various soup that produces the heat in the body especially the chicken soup is good for combating the common cold. It is highly advisable to have the lukewarm soup.

8. Chilies

Chilies are the good heat produced in the body. Consuming chilies in moderation can have the beneficial effect in combating the common cold.

9. Water baths

A warm bath is claimed to reduce the overall effect of common cold.

10 Vapor Rub

Rubbing the vapor Rub widely available in different brands around the nose and neck is affecting in combating the common cold. Children under 2 years of age should not use the vapor rub as they might have the risk of suffocation.


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