10 Compelling Reasons to Keep Pet Animals

10 Compelling Reasons to Keep Pet Animals 

Pets are any domesticated organisms kept in house for varied purposes. Pet animal like dog are used to guard the house, cat to eat the rodents, birds for aesthetic purposes, Herpetofauna for amusement, snail for refreshment, etc. Our ancestor primarily keeps the pet for the instrumental benefit.

Though there are some risks of using the pet in the house. The major risk is the spread of zoonotic disease. Keeping mammals like Dog, cat, and monkey can spread the deadly disease like the rabid virus. 

Other like keeping bird’s indoor increase the risk of lungs disease like Asthma from the dendrites released. 

There is also the risk of transmission of the external parasite like lice and mites from the pet. There are various cases of allergies from the pets.

Benefits of Keeping Pets are:

1. Healthy Living

Keeping the pet in the house helps in healthy living. Pet being playful helps anyone to become physically active. Keeping the pet also provide good health to the kids due to their activeness.

2. Income Source

Pet has been used as the income sources around the globe. Pet like monkey, parrot, snake, etc. forms the major source of income in the rural part of the world. Though animal right group strictly oppose the belief. There are hundred and thousands of people around the globe who depends on pet for the sole means of living.

3. Education

Owning of pet involves the timely ritual of feeding and adequate health care. A young member of families can provide the valuable lesson on the importance of discipline in life.  

4. Antidepressant

Keeping the pet provides the good refreshment leading to good mood booster.

5. Loyal Friend

Pet can be loyal friend assisting the disables. Various trained dogs around the globe have been widely used as the aid in the movement of the person lacking vision.

6. Disease

Keeping the pets can prevent various diseases. Keeping the cat as the pet can prevent plague the deadly disease spread by the rat and mouse. Some birds have the capacity to eat the mosquito thus preventing the spread of disease caused by the mosquito.

7. Leftovers

In most of the rural part of the world pet such as dogs and cats consumes the leftover food. This avoids the rotten smell and prevents the spread of disease.

 8. Transportation

In the alpine zone, larger pet animals like the dog are used as the means of transportation.

9. Hunting

Our ancestors have intensively used the dog in the hunting. Preferably the domestication of dog was done for this purpose.

10. Lowering Blood Pressure

There has the evidence of reduced in blood pressure by keeping the pet. It is due to enhanced mood caused by decrease in hypertension.


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