Compelling Reasons to Include Sweet Potato in Diet

Compelling Reasons to Include Sweet Potato in Diet 

Sweet potato is the perennial herbaceous plant. The edible part of sweet potato lies underneath the soil. The color of the sweet potato varies from yellow, red, to varied colors. Due to the immense health benefit of the sweet potato, it is widely consumed around the globe.

Discovery from Peruvian caves indicated that our ancestors have been consuming before 10,000 years ago.  It is believed that human start domesticating the sweet potato before 5,000 years ago. They are believed to be the vital part of our ancestor's diet.  There are many traditional cuisines that are made from the sweet potato.

The plant can grow better in the temperate climate. Usually, the plating of sweet potato is done in autumn and harvested in winter. It is highly sensitive to drought and does not flourish in place, which is susceptible to drought.

Presently there is the huge demand of sweet potato around the globe. The china has becomes the larger producer of the sweet potato.

Interesting information about sweet potato

1. Easy to prepare

It can be prepared by smoking, baking, boiling water, cooking like the tradition curry and varied of multiple ways. Due to its soft tender nature, it is easy to prepare.

2. Nutrition

It has almost all the essential nutrient required by human body.  Due to this, it is often claimed to the world healthiest food. Foliate (B9) which is required in the early stage of pregnancy is found in the Sweet potato. Whereas the potassium which is vital for the adequate functioning of nervous system and Calcium and vitamin D, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the bone, is present in it. Its massive content of vitamin A is vital for mentioning good vision. It contains the high amount of carbohydrate, low amount of fat and adequate amount of protein, which makes its suitable for the human consumption.

3. Prevention of disease

Regular consumption of sweet potato helps in the combat of cancer. The presence of beta-carotene, which is the potent antioxidant, helps in retardation the process of aging. The metabolic byproduct free radical tends to damage the cell. The potential damage to the free radical to the cell is prevented by antioxidant.  Due to slow release of glucose in blood from the digestive tract after the consumption of sweet potato they can help in reducing the type 2 diabetes. Further, the innate high roughage accelerates this process.


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