Concise Introduction to Computer Hacking

Concise Introduction to Computer Hacking

Hacking is the process of applying series of tricks and tactics in order to get access to the secure information. This is unethical practice and anyone doing hacking seriously can lead to the lifetime sentence. The level of punishment varies from one country to another. Hacking of large scale has resulted in the severe economic loss of the firms around the globe. The hacking is not only confirmed to the individual level there are many evidence of the various government around the world breaching the security system of another country to gain the secure information of another country. This is the often the prime cause of tension among the government.

Large scale hacking can also be called as the large scale robbery is skyrocketing in the present age. This is grooming the inevitable situation of the cyber war. Every modern device is connected to the Internet that makes any elite hacker to penetrate the system and gain access to it.

Types of Hacker

There are mainly three types of hacker one is the white hats hacker which is hired by the company to analyze the loophole which needs to be fixed time-to-time.

The gray hacker is those who do the hacking for the fun or experiment on it. Gray hackers are sometimes to blame for their association with the black hat hacker.

The Black hat hackers are the elite hacker capable of breaching the security system of the device and can gain the secure information. Black hat is the professional hacker willing to sell the personal information in bulk obtained by unethical means. A black hat hacker also refers to as Crackers. Usually, the government hires the elite hackers to breach the security system of the targeted country firms, organization, etc.

Prevalence of the Problem

Due to the availability of free information around the globe everyone curious enough to learn practices some forms of hacking in the life. Hacking has become the buzz in our society and around the globe. The more devastating problems are encounters when the county get involves in breaking the security system. This can be of immense loose to the targeted county economy.

Cyber Security Expert

These are the expert means to protect the hacker from unauthorized access. Normally the experts are capable of cracking the unauthorized access of the hacker of the different types. But, Hacking has become highly sophisticated by the support from the governmental organization around the globe. Generally, the sophisticated hacking from the governmental organization is beyond the scope of any expert. This result in the breach of the security system and access to the valuable information.


It is essential to have the adequate knowledge in hacking especially in the tender age. This can result in an application of the safety procedure to combat with the hacking process.

Almost all the device connected to the Internet is vulnerable to hacking. Virtually none of the security system is full proof. There should be the adequate international law to criminalize the hacker causing damage of different scale.


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