Coriander: Multiple Health Benefits

Coriander: Multiple Health Benefits

Coriander is the prime ingredient in the kitchen. Due to the Pleasant aroma and stimulating taste they have been widely used in the variety of cuisine across the globe (1). The tender leaves and seed of the coriander plant are used in the varied of culinary items. Coriander has numerous health benefits due to this the cultivation of the coriander was done by our ancestors long time back.

Coriander grows in the variety of soil and different climatic conditions. The leaf and seed of the plant are widely consumed. Leaves are consumed in raw whereas the seed is consumed mainly when crushed.

Some people tend to avoid the coriander, as the smell feels noisome to them. Anyone uncomfortable with the smell of the coriander needs to avoid it. Further, coriander is not safe to consume during pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Coriander

1. Nutrition Benefits

The seed contains various essential micronutrients like the Calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium etc. in the variety of forms. The green leaf of the coriander is lush with the vitamin-like A, C, K (2). Due to the high content of the iron, it is often used in the remedy of Anemia. Further, the calcium content in the coriander helps in mentioning healthy bone growth and preventing osteoporosis appearance.

2. Typhoid

Dodecenal is the chemical in the coriander helps in preventing the salmonella infection.

3. Nausea and Vomiting

Coriander has been widely used to ease nausea and vomiting from the long time back.

4. Diabetes

Intake of coriander triggers the release of insulin in the blood. Adequate release of insulin helps in the combat of diabetes.

5. Shore Throat

Leaf of the coriander plant has been used to ease the shore throat.

6. Digestive System

The coriander facilitates the bowl movement in the stomach and activates the liver resulting in beneficial effect in the digestive system.

7. Lower Cholesterol

Chemicals in the coriander are believed to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. This can be beneficial for the person suffering from the diabetes

8. Menstruation Disorder

Coriander has been used as the treatment of menstruation disorder long time back.


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