Dead Zone in Everest

Dead Zone in Everest

Mount Everest is one of the highest peaks of the world. It has the height of 8,848 meters above the sea level. The world highest peak the Mount Everest is located in small landlocked country Nepal. Nepal is the country lies between India and china. Everest can be climbed from Nepal as well as Tibet. Nepali side is easy to climb then the Tibetan side due to this Majority of tourist traffic is diverted in Nepal.

Nepal is the land of Himalayas and mountain. Eight of the ten world highest peak is located in Nepal. All the highest peaks are assigned to the National park and protected area and managed by Department of Wildlife conservation.

Above 8,000 meters above sea level the level of oxygen in the air becomes thinner it is difficult for normal respiration. Due to less concentration of oxygen majority of casualty occurs in this zone hence it is called the dead zone.

The majority of climber are immature climber solely relying on the Sherpa guide for climbing. Recently due to huge solid waste received by Everest region, Nepali government has put incentives for individual trader instead of group one. Anyone having the willingness to climb Everest you can visit Nepal.

There are lots of mountain flights for viewing Mount Everest every day. Anyone wishing to have the first-hand glimpse of Everest with the eye can take the mountain flight.

Anyone having enough money can use the trained native guide to make the Everest ascending process lucid.


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