Dried Cardamom: 11 Proven Health Benefit

Dried Cardamom: 11 Proven Health Benefit

Cardamom plants are the perennial plant can attend the height of 2 to 4 meters. The cardamom plant looks similar to the Zinger plant. Depending on the types of cardamom they require the subtropical to humid climates and almost seventy-five percent humidity.  Temperature requirement is between eighteen to thirty-five centigrade.

Cardamom is the widely used species around the globe. Cardamom is among the most expensive species around the globe. Its expansiveness is due to its pleasant taste and good aroma.  Due to the appealing nature, almost all the lavish cuisine uses the cardamom.

There is two type of cardamom one is the green cardamom, which is less expensive, and the other is black cardamom that grows in higher altitude beneath the ground. Black Cardamom is expensive and lush with the flavor and has lots of health benefits.

Health Benefits of the Cardamom are:

1. Antimicrobial

Cardamom is lush with the anti-microbial quality. Consuming the Cardamom can prevent various types of pathogenic infection.

2. Bad Breathe

Cardamom contains the stimulating aroma, which is effective in the combat of the bad breath. Also, it can be used in the ulcer on the mount and other infection on the mouth. Cardamom has been traditional using as the potential remedy of the dental problems.

3. Urinary Disorder

The urinary disorder can be prevented by the regular consumption of the cardamom. This has been described in the traditional literature of the Ayurveda.

4. Hiccups

It has been used traditionally as the eraser of the hiccups. This effect is due to the reduction in the spasms of the involuntary muscle.

5. Common Cold

It has been widely used in the remedy of the cold and flue as the potent home made the remedy.

6. Digestion

Due to the reducing the gas formation inside the body eating cardamom is associated with improving the digestion. Further, it has been traditionally believed as the good appetizers.

7. Cancer

Certain kinds of cancer like that of colorectal can be prevented by regular consumption of the Cardamom.

8. Mental Heath

Mental depression, Hypertension, etc. can be prevented by regular consumption of the Cardamom. This beneficial effect is due to the increase in blood supply due to the innate vitamin and minerals present in the Cardamom.

9. Hair and Skin

Healthy hair and skin are obtained due to the combined effects of the antioxidant, microbial inhibition.

10. Nausea and Vomiting

Cardamom is effective in the combat of Nausea and vomiting.

11. Aphrodisiac

Cardamom has been used as the potent aphrodisiac from centuries.


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