Drivingforce Behind the Global Demise of Herpetofauna

Drivingforce Behind the Global Demise of Herpetofauna

Amphibian and reptiles are collective knows as the Herpetofauna. Due to the poikilothermic nature, it is essential for this organism to hibernate. As there is no mechanism to regulate heat in the body. This result into compulsion of dormancy in an adverse climate condition. This is the genuine reason why sighting of Herpetofauna is not possible through out the year.

Herpetofauna has the incomplete four-chamber heart and has several distinguishing mechanisms then birds and mammals. Recently due to various reasons, there has been the massive decline in the population of Herpetofauna. If the cause of decline is not ascertained in the time ahead and the adequate step is not taken. Herpetofauna can vanish from the earth within the short period of time.

Although species extinction is the natural process and human cannot control it. The natural process of species extinction is coined as the background extinction. Various anthropogenic activities are accelerating the background extinction rate.

Herpetofauna population is decline due to following reasons:

1. Deforestation

Deforestation has the huge impact in the Herpetofauna. This causes clearing of the natural habitat of the organism thriving. This can cause the adverse effect on the survival and reproduction of species.

2. Urbanization

Urbanization has the adverse effect in the Herpetofauna thriving there. It creates the condition that disturbs their natural cycle. This can lead to the lot of problems including starvation, the decline in reproduction capacity.

3. Pollution

Due to the completion of the life cycle in two medium one is water and other is land. Pollution in both mediums can directly affect the Herpetofauna.

4. Invasive species

The introduction of invasive species can rapidly wipe out the native Herpetofauna. Due to the absence of natural predator invasive species spread of invasive species can be unchecked.

5. Disease

A certain fungal disease like the parasitic fungus infestation is believed to be the major cause of the decline in the amphibian species. This fungal can affect mouth, eye, skin and any part. Some amphibians are not killed by fungus but they spread the disease at the prolific rate.

6. Ozone depletion

Due to increase in the UV B radiation from the sun the delicate skin of the amphibian has the adverse effect. Further, eggs laid by the Herpetofauna are susceptible to the intense solar radiation.

7. Snake phobia

Due to the human unwillingness to tolerate the presence of snake around. Although some community regards the presence of snake auspicious. The countless community does not tolerate the presence of the snake. There is the strong need of education about poisonous and nonpoisonous snake around the globe.

8. Respiratory tract infection

The pundit in herpetology points out the respiration tract infection as the major cause of the decline of Herpetofauna.

9. Crushing in roads

Countless of Herpetofauna died on the road due to crushing by the vehicle wheel.

10. Drought

Due to the various reasons frequent occurrence of drought wiping out the Herpetofauna in large scale.

11. Foliar spray of pesticides and herbicides

Large scale spread of pesticides and herbicides from an airplane and helicopter is killing the Herpetofauna instantly. Despite gluts of evidence that foliar spray of pesticides and herbicides is not efficient. Farmers in the developed country rely on this method.


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