Early Man Invention of Fire

Early Man Invention of Fire

Fire can be considered as the precious resource for the advancement of our species. The timing of invention of fire is strongly debated by the Paleontologists walking in the field. There is evidence that our ancestor discovered the fire in 4 to 1 millions years ago. It is undoubted that the ability to have the controlled fire has a tremendous effect on the advancement of human civilization.

The origin of the controlled fire can be traced to Homo erectus, the earliest species of Homo.  There are evidence in the cave of using the controlled fire by Homo erectus. The ability to use the controlled fire pushes the early human limit thus enhancing the activities in darker and colder hour of the day. Heats generate from the fire allows the human to live in the cave instead of the tree.

Due to the use of artificial light human began to be active for sixteen hours a day. This is comparatively higher active hours than other mammals. Further use of fire in making weapons, to kill the prey and fire as a tool to scare predator makes human invincible.

Easy access to nutrition due to cooking shortens the digestive tract and decrease in size. Unlike another primate, the human has shorter intestine. Due to less energy in chewing and more nutrition, the killing of parasite fire has produce wonder in human heath.

Further, ease in process of nutrition extraction by hominids trigger the brain size to grow larger. Although this is highly debated among researchers working in the field.


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