Evidence Based Banana Health Benefits

Evidence Based Banana Health Benefits

Banana is the fruit produced by the large herbaceous flowering plant. Due to the soft flesh rich in starch they have been widely used by humans around the globe. Banana is native to the Indomalaya and Australia.

A mature plant stops producing leaf and form inflorescence. Humans have used the different stage and parts of the plant for different purposes. The hearts of bananas is used as the vegetable. The unripe banana is used in traditional cooking in different cultures. The leaves of the banana have been used in different traditional methods of cooking. There are various cultures around the world where the food is severed in the leaf of the banana plant.

Health Benefit of Banana

1. Anti-depression

Due to the contain of vitamin B9 or Folic acid which has antidepressant properties. Regular consumption of Vitamin B9 is associated with decreasing depression.

2. Diarrhea

Due to the content of the potassium a potent electrolyte the consumption of banana is essential for the treatment of diarrhea.

3. Enhance the Cognitive Power

The amino acid named Tryptophan contains in the banana is believed to enhance the cognitive power if taken regularly.

4. Heart Disease

Due to lush with the goodness of natural nutrition combined with the electrolyte essential for never impulse condition like Sodium and Potassium. Regular consumption of the banana is associated with the healthy heart.

 5. Cancer

This is based on the assumption that innate vitamin c contain in banana helps in the combat of free radical damage to the cell.

6. Detoxify

Due to the innate Pectin, which has the capacity to bind with the toxic compound in the blood and excreted them through urine. The citrus pectin is believed to have the capacity to extract Mercury from the body.

7. Diabetes

Due to lush in protein, fat, and fiber, Consuming banana helps in stabilize the blood sugar level. Further, the low glycemic index that is 48 can be the good source of healthy nutrition.

8. Digestion

Consumption of banana is associated with the boost in the digestive system in the body. Due to lush of the prebiotics that is the good food for bacteria thriving in the gut. It is always essential to mention the adequate proportion of the gut bacteria for healthy living.

9. Bone

Consumption of the banana is believed to increase the calcium absorption in the body leading to beneficial effects to the human health.

10. Immunes System Booster

Due the lush in the essential nutrient which can boost the overall immune system.

11. Healthy Skin

Due to the antioxidant named beta-carotene, regular consumption of banana is associated with repair of damage cell at cellular level leading to beneficial effect in skin health.

12. Reduce Fat

Due to lush with vital nutrition consuming banana is the safe diet for anyone wishing to lose weight.




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