Father of Communism Karl Marx or Charles Darwin

Father of Communism Karl Marx or Charles Darwin

Communism is the ideology developed by German philosopher and sociologist coined Karl Marx in 1940s. According to the communist ideology, common ownership of good are stressed. Although the root of this tenets dates back to a long time back.

This ideology predicts that property should be handle by the government and need to abolish the private property. Establishing the law and order followed by equality can make the economy of country prosperous.

Communism theory was based in the book by Charles Darwin named origin of species. The book predicts that human beings are the animals and are the by-product of long-term evolution over the thousands of years. Due to this I will like to call Charles Darwin as the father of communism.

First application of the communism was done in French where the priests from the church are brutally put to death. It was the unsuccessful revelation. Later Vladimir Lenin from Russia makes the modification in this tenet and did the successful revelation. Later, Mao Zedong makes the modification in the ideology and established the communism regime in china. Various revelations under the name of communism are basically the byproduct of lucubration of Karl Max.

The Perfection of the rule of communism in modern world can be seen in North Korea.


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