Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are widely used condiments around the globe. Due to its great aroma and good flavor, it is often used in the variety of culinary items. Cumin plant is the annual herbaceous plant, which can attend the height up to 50 centimeters. Cumin flourish in the mild climate and the life cycles last for around 120 days (1). The seeds are used whole as well as in power form after grinding. Due to the content of the multiple Carbohydrates, Protein, fats, vitamins and minerals cumin seeds offer numerous benefits. Seeds have the various medicinal properties, which are listed below:

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

1. Cognitive Power

Due to the lush in the vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Consumption of the cumin helps in the boost of the cognitive power.

2. Cancer

Due to the innate anti-carcinogenic properties of the cumin, regular consumption of the cumin is believed to ease the occurrence of cancer.

3. Hemorrhoids

This is the wound in the anal tract that makes defecating extremely painful. Due to its innate antibacterial antifungal nature combined with the aids in digesting of food consuming cumin helps to soothe the hemorrhoids.

4. Skin Disorder

Due to the innate vitamin E in the cumin, it is helpful for making the healthy skin by eliminating various skin diseases.

5. Weight Loss

Due to the lush with the nutrients in the small serving, it can be safe to add in the diet meant for weight loss.  

6. Anemia

This is the disease characterized by the decrease in iron in the blood. Cumin is lush with iron and prevents from this disease. Iron is the essential compound of the hemoglobin in the red blood cell that helps in transfer of oxygen around the body.

7. Digestion

The aromas of the cumin trigger the salivary gland in the mouth to release the adequate amount of saliva that helps in the digestion of carbohydrate. The thymol in the cumin stimulates the liver to secrete the bile leading to adequate digestion of the food.

8. Healthy Bone

Cumin is lush with calcium and other minerals necessary to maintain healthy bone.

9. Diabetes

Cumin is claimed to control the level of the sugar in blood thus benefiting the diabetic person.


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