6 Health Benefits of Ground Apple and Potential Risk

 6 Health Benefits of Ground Apple and Potential Risk

Ground apple commonly known as Yacon is the plant native to the South America. Due to huge nutritional benefit people in the native region are consuming it from thousand of years ago.

Ground apple is the perennial plant and can attend the height of 2 meters. It is related to the sunflower.  At the normal condition, harvesting is after six months from the plantation time.

The rhizome acts as food storage as the plant dies during the adverse condition and regenerate in the suitable condition under the wild condition. Due to this, the size of the ground apple can grow more than one kilogram.

At superficial observation, it looks like the sweet potato but is different from the sweet potato. Grown apple is crunchy like the Apple and taste like the sweet potato.

How to Consume

It can be consumed by pilling the skin and consuming it in raw. Upon boiling, skin separates like boiled egg. It can also be consumed when deep-fried. Though it is mostly consumed in raw with lemon and honey.

Available Color

Although the white ground apple is popular variety but in the Native area red, orange, purple, pink and yellow colors are found.


There are some cases of allergic reaction by consuming the ground apple. Further excessive consumption of the ground apple can upset the bowl movement.

Health Benefits

Due to lush with goodness it is claimed to be beneficial for losing bad cholesterol, Blood sugar, aging, losing weight, urinary disorder. etc.

1. Control Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol often known as LDL get decreased in the blood due to the consumption of the ground apple. Consumption of the ground apple is associated with easing the fatty liver.

2. Blood Sugar Regulation

Consumption of the ground apple is associated with regulation of the adequate amount of sugar in the blood.

3. Urinary Tract Ailments

Consumptions of the ground apple are believed to ease the elementary tract ailment of various types.

4. Increase Intestinal Flora

The probiotic effect of the ground apple is believed to increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Probiotic is the generalized term used to denote prolonging life.

5. Constipation

Consumption of the ground apple facilitates adequate bowel movement thus reducing constipation in the body. 

6. Cancer Prevention

Consumption of ground apple is associated with reduce in the occurrence of cancer like that Cervical cancer in humans.



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