8 Health Benefit of Eating Dates

8 Health Benefit of Eating Dates

Date palms are the widely cultivated species in the tropical and subtropical region around the globe. Date palms tree are larger in size reaching up to 23 meters in height. It is high price plant due to the huge economic benefit. The fruit from the date palms is called dates. The seeds of dates retain the germination capacity after long-term storage (1).  

Health Benefit of Eating Dates

1. Bone Health

Due to lush with the minerals like calcium and magnesium. Consumption of dates helps in gaining healthier bone. It also helps in the combat of the osteoporosis. This condition is marked by the loss of calcium from the bone.  

2. Regulate Sugar Level in Blood

Despite high carbohydrate content that is more than seventy-five percent by volume. The glycemic index of the dates varies from 30.5 to 49.7 (2). Due to this consumption of the dates does not spike sugar level in blood.

3. Heart Health

Due to the lush of potassium that is around 656 milligrams per one hundred gram of dates it provides beneficial effect in the health of the heart.

4. Anemia

This is the disease caused by lack of iron in the diet. Dates are lush with iron and consumption of which provides the iron required for the human body.

5. Constipation

It helps in combat of constipation due to high fiber content in it. It is estimated that fiber comprises of more than eight percent of the fruit.

6. Ionic Balance

The level of the sodium and potassium needs to be balanced for the nerve impulse conduction commonly known and sodium pump and potassium pump. Due to lush with sodium and potassium, it helps to prevent dehydration, especially during diarrhea.

7. Weight Gain

For the one seeking for the diet to gain weight dates can be good the option. Consuming dates can be the better option due to high in carbohydrate, low in fat, high in the essential vitamins and minerals in the human body. 

8. Healthy Hair and Skin

Due to the presence of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 healthy hair and skin can be obtained by consuming on a regular basis.


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