11 Interesting Facts About The Blackbuck Ungulate

11 Interesting Facts About The Blackbuck Ungulate

Blackbuck is the hoofed ungulate Native to Nepal and India. They receive the immense attention and are widely respected animal by Hindu. Hindu regard this animal a secreted animal. It has been described in ancient literature Hindu should only live in the Place where these animals are present.

Their habitat comprises of the grassland and savannah. They prefer tropical climate and often found in lower elevation above the sea level on their natural habitat. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorized this species as the threatened species.

Due to the immense effort to conserve the Blackbuck in Nepal. Nepal government has allocated an area of 16.95 square kilometers in the Bardiya District in the year 2009. It located in the central Terai of Nepal. None of the wild animals have received massive funding for conservation then Blackbuck in Nepal. Nepal was the only Hindu state before the promulgation of the constitution at 2015.

Blackbuck was introduced in 1931 in Texas, united state. The population of the black buck in the united state is continuously on the rise.

Interesting Information

1. Gestation Period

The gestation period is merely six months and only one calf is born at the time of birth.

2. Speed

The speed of the blackbuck can reach up to 80 kilometers per hour.

3. Horn

Male has the horn that can reach up to 70 centimeters. Occasionally female also have the horn.

4. Life Span

The lifespan of the blackbuck can reach up to 16 years.

5. Sexual Dimorphism

Males are differentiating from female due to the possession of longhorn, heavyweight and darker. Some female also has horn. The weight of the mature male is found to be 57 kilograms whereas the female is found to be 33 kilograms.

6. Diurnal

Blackbucks are the diurnal antelope mostly active during the day. Like other wildlife forms, they remain active during dusk and dawn.

7. Sexual Maturity

Female reaches sexual maturity sooner than Male. Female reaches the sexual maturity at eight months whereas male reaches the sexual maturity at one and half years.

8. Uses

The skin of the Blackbuck is used for the different purpose such as the taxidermy showcase. Further, the Horn of the black buck is mostly used in Necromancy. The horn is of high demand in the black market.

9. Threats

Habitat destruction followed by immense competition with cattle in the place where they thrive. Due to aesthetic profound look excessively keeping them as the pet by the wealthy individual followed by the immense demand for horn and skin is the prime cause of unjustified killing of the Blackbuck.

10. Exotic

Blackbuck is considered as the exotic or non-native species in the United States and various part of the world where they have been introduced.

11. Predator

Tiger is found around their habitat so their topmost predator is Tiger. Jackal, wild dog, hyena also kill the black buck calf.


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