Interesting Information About Crude Oil

Interesting Information About Crude Oil

Crude oil can simply be defined as the unrefined petroleum. The rise in demand for fossil fuel has accelerated the extraction of the crude oil. Depending on the location and the amount of crude oil there are mainly two types of the recovery process. Primary oil recovery is the process of extraction of the crude oil without using excessive energy and it is cheap to process. Extracting crude oil in this phase is considered lucrative.  The secondary oil recovery is the energy-consuming and expensive process. It is the expensive process due to the use of auxiliary energy.

Crude oil information:

1. Formation

Crude oil is formed by the deposition of the plant and animal debris at the bed of large water bodies such as the ocean or any large water bodies. Due to the accumulation of debris comprise of animals and plants at the bottom formation of crude oil takes place. Millions of years are required for the formation of crude oil deep within the surface. Crude oil is formed due to immense pressure and temperature inside the earth surface.

2. Refining

Refining is the process of heating the viscous liquid obtained from the underground mine. Usually, depending on the composition of the hydrocarbon several kinds of material are extracted. The lighter one such as methyl gas, air fuel, petrol, kerosene, are extracted at the beginning chronologically and the viscous liquid left at the bottom is the tar which is used intensively in the construction of the road.

3. Impact

Due to the excessive extraction of crude oil, there has been raised in the various problems. Due to increase, the gasses like the Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, shoot particles is impacting the health of organism in the earth. Further, global climate change due to the excessive greenhouse effect is demising the overall ecological balance.


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