Inventory on Religions

Inventory on Religions

Religion is the basic tool used by human beings from the beginning of human civilization to make human life systematic.  Usually, religion guides the human who follows a particular religion from birth to death. So, in this contest religion makes the life of human being easier than previously.

Religion makes the man free from all kinds of possessions of uneasiness in life. Usually, the human feels tranquil from dawn till dusk due to huge benefits that have given by religion. Religion is the most vital source of inspiration to live the life happily without worrying about any type of agitation during the Odyssey of life. So, it is an inevitable fact that religion has enhanced human civilization. It is better to define religion as the medication created by psychiatry for psycho.

Despite having a humongous benefit: religions also have caused a lot of drawbacks in human civilization. Human civilization is now constantly deteriorating by unusual activities of religion. Religion now and then is responsible for the demise of a lot of innocent people in every decade. People are being murdered in the name of various religions. This is really the ridiculous situation. People who have made the religion might not have imagined about the present situation.

Every religion is the worlds have the same goal and the same destiny. Their goal is mainly to make a human society peaceful place to live in and their destiny is to spread their religion around the globe. Believing in a particular religion frees the human mind from worries and makes human life more enthusiastic.

Origin of god in religions seems to be natural and govern by the natural process. Especially in Hindu religion lord, Siva originates first and nature seems to originate him. This is similar to big bang theory, which says the theory that the universe originated sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature. Here also the origin of the small volume of matter is mysterious.

It is to be noted that researcher in various part of the world has found Hindu religion as the most primitive religions among all religion. Several researchers around the world have reached the same conclusion that Hindu religion is the oldest religion of global. This can be further illustrated by the ice age, which occurs two million to 11 thousand years ago which cause human life to evolve. 

Paleontologist and modern molecular biologist have reached the conclusion of the genetic evidence that human being first originated from Africa and then wander due to unavailability of food due to the ice age. 

It is believed only about five hundred have survived at that time in Africa. Due to lack of food to eat, they are driven from their native land. Due to ice age whole, the ocean was frozen so they migrated towards Asia. From south Asia, they move towards china and further to Russia and then towards Europe and finally to America. From this evidence, we can conclude that ancestor of present south Asian migrated throughout the world. Undoubtedly, Hindu religion is originated in south Asia. On this perspective also we can reach to the conclusion that Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world.

Despite the fact that agnostic seems the origin of god in a different perspective. Agnostics are that person who does not believe in the existence of god. They are basically the followers of Charles Darwin, Origin of species. Some agnostic might also feel religion as a tool to control the mass gathering. According to them, in primitive time there is no way to control the mass, so the rulers have created the unquestionable method of knowing the religion as the invincible tool.


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