Mechanism Behind the Nocturnal Bat Flight

Mechanism Behind the Nocturnal Bat Flight

Bat is the nocturnal mammal mostly insectivorous that is feeding in the insect. They are present around the globe. Due to their nocturnal nature, they are much elusive than the birds. There are lots of horror story of this creature in the different community around the globe. Bat can live from 20 to 30 Years and varies greatly with the species.

The bed bug is claimed to have transmitted from the bat to human. Our ancestor during the hunting and gathering society use to live in the cave where bat thieve. This causes the infestation of bedbug to the human. Further, various viral and bacterial disease can be transmitted by Bat.

The flight of the bat is different from that of birds. A scientist considers that fight off the bat is effective than that of birds. Eye of the bat is poorly developed due to the fact that it remains active during the night. This gives rise to the different sense of location.

Flight of the bat is possible due to echolocation. This is the system in which the ultrasounds are emitted. The comparison of the echoes by the brain and nervous system produce the image, which makes the digital image.

Newborn of the bat is called the letters and there are one to three litters born in one season. The female bat carries out the parental care until the young nearly attain the adult size.


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