Mesmerizing Information About Cheese

Mesmerizing Information About Cheese

Cheese is the most popular dairy product around the globe.  They are available in the variety of forms and are estimated more than 500 types. It is considered one of the healthiest diets around the globe. United states contribute more than twenty-five percent of the global cheese production. The nutritional content and beneficial effects of the cheese is same that of the milk. Due to the appealing taste of the cheese, they have been used in different culinary items around the globe.  

Human beings have been consuming cheese long time back. Cheese can be safely stored for prolong period of time and easy to transport. Due to this cheese has been the source of the staple diet of our ancestors. Paleontology evidence excavates reveals that human has consumed the cheese more than ten thousand years ago. Probably the safer long-term storage of the diary product compels the formation of cheese.

France being the high consumer of the cheese has the healthy population in the world. This phenomenon is often referring to as French paradox as the cheese has more than thirty-three percentage of fat. It is commonly perceived that excessive fat in the cheese is bad for human health.


The process starts with the curdling where the milk is separated into solid curds and liquid whey. Adding the mild acid like the vinegar does this. The bacteria convert the milk into the sugar to lactic acid. Making of the cheese undergoes series of steps.  The final one is the ripening where they are stored for few days to years depending on the quality deserved.

Hidden danger

Cheese can act, as a medium for the growth of Listeria bacteria, so consuming the raw cheese during the pregnancy is not advised. Further, the infant with the low immunity should not feed with the cheese. Due to the high content of the fat people with the heart problem needs to avoid the cheese. Lactose intolerance individual need to avoid the consumption of cheese.


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