Mesmerizing Facts About Sun

Mesmerizing Facts About Sun

Sun is the giant thermonuclear reactors running on a hydrogen fuel. The fusion of hydrogen is essential for the production of energy. The heat and light radiated from the sun last until the fusion of hydrogen takes places. When the hydrogen as the fuel source demise than there will be no longer the production of the heat and light in the sun. Sun comprise of around 73% of hydrogen as well as 25% of helium.

Sun is the sphere and has the diameter greater than 109 times than of the earth. The formation of the sun is believed to be more than 4.6 billion years ago. Sun is the center of the solar system on which the earth is the part of it. In the past, people use to think that the sun revolves around the earth but later due to the scientific advancement this notion has been debunked.

Due to essential of sunrays to humans and other forms of life, it is wide praise. The various culture around the globe worships the sun as the god. The combination of the photon from sun radiation combined with carbon dioxide and water creates the glucose during the photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is vital for the survival of the organism in the earth.

Facts about the sun

Sun is the perfect black body

A perfect black body needs to radiate and emit all the light. This character is found in the sun so it is regarded as the perfect back body.

Sun lasts forever

Due to the incessant use of hydrogen as the fuel, it does not last forever. Sun originated more than 4 billions years ago and has consumed around twenty percent of hydrogen fuel. If the same rate of hydrogen fuel consumption persist the sun will last for 5 billions years from now.

Sun atmosphere

Like the earth-sun has its peculiar atmosphere. The atmosphere of the sun can be divided into four distinct parts mainly the heliosphere, corona, Transition region and the chromosphere.


This is the dark patches visible in the photosphere, where the transport of heat is inhabited from inside to outside.

How the sun originate

Cosmic explosion called the supernova explosion trigger the seismic wave is believed to have caused the formation of the sun. There are many theories about the origin of the sun.

Sun collapse

After using all the hydrogen in around five billion years sun will change into the red giant. The red giant will engulf all the heavily body nearby by including earth.


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