12 Mind Blowing Facts About Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the one of the wonder of the world built around the seventh century. It was built by a king named Shah Jahan for the memory of wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died during the childbirth. Taj Mahal is often referred as the Jewel of the Muslim art in India. This white Marble Mausoleum is located on the bank of the Yamuna River in city Agra, India.

Taj Mahal receives the immense number of visitors every year. Taj Mahal receives a number of tourists both the nation and international. It is estimated that around 7 to 8 millions visitor visit Taj Mahal every year. Only twenty-five hundred are allowed to enter inside the Taj Mahal due to security issues.

Interesting facts about Taj Mahal

1. Completion time

It takes around twenty years to complete the Taj Mahal with the incessant work of around twenty thousand to twenty-two thousands of workers.

2. Estimated cost

It is estimated to have cost more than 32 million rupees at that time. This is equivalent to one billion dollars in present time. Due to massive spending in the manufacture of this building the entire country economy was the insolvent state.

3. Transport

More than one thousand elephants were used in the transportation of the Materials in Taj Mahal from various parts of India as well as from abroad.

4. Massive height

The height of Taj Mahal can reach up to 171 meters.

5. Rubbery of precious stone

The innate precious stone in the Taj Mahal is believed to be ripped off during British revelation at 1857.

6. Leading Architect

The entire project of completing of the Taj Mahal was lead by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

7. UNESCO world heritage

It was considered as the world heritage site in the year 1983.

8. Garden

There is the large Mughal garden around the Taj Mahal. It has the estimate are of 300 square meters.

9. White marble

White marble was bought from different parts of India as well as from china.

10. Myth

It is believed that the king orders the execution of the works involved in building the Taj Mahal.

11. Taj Trapezium Zone

This is the zone around the Taj Mahal and covers around 10,400 square kilometers. In this zone, there is the strict emission standard. This is to protect the Taj Mahal from the unwanted consequences of pollution.

12. Opening for visitors

It is open from 6 AM to 7 Pm on weekdays. Open for praying in Friday for 12 to14 and night viewing on full moon day and two days before and after that.


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