Mystery Behind the Rhino Horn Debunk

Mystery Behind the Rhino Horn Debunk 

Rhinoceros are the giant mammals living in the tropical area. Due to their mammoth size and having the horn in front of the body made from the protein called the Keratin they are widely recognized around the globe. They are herbivorous animal feeding in the grass. They are noted for their thick skin, which can be of around 5 cm.

There are two types of rhinoceroses one with the one horned and the other has the low horn. The African and Sumatran rhinoceros have two horns whereas the Indian and java rhinoceros have only one horn. Due to the high price of rhinoceros horn thousand of poachers around the globe kills this animal in a brutal way.

Thought the transfer and sale off the horn is ban around the world due to various reasons there has been the decline in the population of rhinoceros. Further, the price of the horn from one horn rhinoceros is higher so protecting one-horned rhinoceros has become absolutely difficult.

Rhino-horned is hyped due to following reason

As social dignity

Rich societies around the word, especially in the gulf nation, mark the rhino horn as the symbol of dignity. A small weapon like the knife is kept inside the rhino horn.

Detecting poison

There is a common belief that rhino horn can detect the poison liquid when placed inside it. There is no scientific evidence to support this fact this is generally accelerated by the fables around the globe.


Rhino horn is claimed to be aphrodisiac and is huge demand due to this peculiar nature.

Chinese medicine

Various traditional Chinese medicines use the rhino horn as the potent remedy of the disease. It is claimed to cure certain ailments like cancer.


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