Numerology, Palmistry, and Astrology Reading

Numerology, Palmistry, and Astrology Reading 

Astrology is the classic subject dealing with the forecasting of the events. The origin of astrology can be traced back to more than five thousand years back. Astrology is deeply rooted in our primordial society. Still, lots of people around the globe knowingly or knowingly believe in astrology.

Despite humongous criticism among the modern scientific world on the astrology. Astrology now is coined as the pseudoscience due to the lack of evidence to prove the future sequence.

Astrology is deep rooted in our society particularly in the society with a huge number of the population are uneducated. Further, human curiosity about knowing the future events has made this traditional subject still relevant to the present age.

Despite ad hock astrologer making the modification of the task by using the intensive experience during their lifetime. There has not been any significant research and finding on this subject.

The astrologer relies on the position of planets at the time of birth for predicting the future of the person. The celestial body has great significance in the astrology due to the fact that it is believed to trigger different aspects of human life.

The person born on the different hemisphere has the different natal chart. Someone who is born in the northern hemisphere has the different natal chart from those born in the southern hemisphere.

People are mostly reluctant to visit the astrologer during the prime time of the day such as before marriage, after suffering from the disease, before starting the firms etc.

Different pairs of the world have different types of astrology. The Chinese, Vedic, Western, Mayan are the different forms of astrology. The Chinese astrology is a peculiar one as they predict the person’s behavior on the basis of animals sings the person is assigned.


Numerology is the branch of astrology focuses on predicting someone future scenario, according to the date of birth. Knowing the date of birth makes Numbers of prediction such as the compatibility of the horoscope.

Usually, the dates of birth are added until the whole number is obtained and the number is predicted on the basis of person the whole number.

There is the term master number, also known as 11, 22, and 33. This number has the huge impact on the human life. Master number is peculiar, as they should not be added up while adding the number.

Further, there are special predictions for the birthday number of the person born. The date of birth can have great significance, as it is believed to carry special symbol.


This is the most interesting branch of astrology, which predicts the future events on the basis of signs in the person’s hand. Usually, the active hand of the person is observed. Lines in a palm, Hand size, the size of the fingernails, the colors of the fingernails are of great significance.

Lines in the hand are of various types and changes with the person age. Some lines in believed to appear and disappear according to the age. The Balmiki who write the epic Ramayana discovered palmistry.

The lifeline, love line, headline are the three major lines which are widely used to predict the general events. There are other major lines as well.

A minor line such as the lines at the base of the pinky is of great significance. This gives the prediction of the person’s future.

There are small marking in the lines, which can enhance as well as a produce obstacle in the line. Depending on the location on which this small marking appears this can produce both the beneficial as well as a harmful effect to the effect of line. Generally, the triangle or trident in the line is considered good, whereas the excessive distortion in line is not considered as auspicious.

Despite the lack of adequate scientific understanding this has been widely used to predict the future events in the present age.

Zodiac Signs

There are twelve signs of the zodiac and are allocated in accordance with the time of birth. The zodiac differs from the eastern as well as western society.

Generally, eastern society uses the square zodiac whereas the western society uses the circular zodiac. The ultimate aim of the zodiac is to forecast the events of the person.


The human dream is the outcome of the subconscious outcomes, which can predict the person’s behavior and sequences. There is the strong prediction among the individual about the non-existence of the dream the reason for this that people forget about the dream. It is commonly believed that the effect of the dream disappears when someone sleeps after having the dream. If you have a good dream, there is the need to remain awake after having the lucid dream. The effect of a bad dream can be soothed if someone sleeps after having the dream.

There are two types of dreams the common dream and the uncommon dream. Almost all the person around the globe commonly experiences the common dreams. Whereas the uncommon dream are those, which are mostly not seen by most people?

There is the dream dictionary available to predict the details of the dream. The dream dictionaries provide the detail about the dream from A to Z.

Benefit and Drawbacks of Astrology

Astrology is the classical branch helping the people to know the future events. Despite the advancement of science and technology in our age, there has not been any development in any mechanism that predicts the future events. Yes, there are pros and cons of astrology, which are briefly summarized as below.

Pros of Astrology

1. Helps the people know about the future events that are essential to make the future plan for the betterment of individuals.

2. Any obstacle in the future events can be eased by offering such as by prey or ornate with jewels etc.

3. Acts as the only support at the time of depression during the mundane tasks.

4. Helpful in the naming of the newly born child.

5. Keenly sought in finding the matched pair for marriage.

Cons of the Astrology

1. Unnecessary tumultuous situation by knowing the future events.

2. There is the strong chance to get duped by a charlatan.

3. Knowledge of Obsolete traditional literature is used to predict the event.

Is Astrology Still Relevant in Present Age?

Despite the rife criticism, the users of the astrology are continuously in raise. There is no hard and fast rule to predict the future events. A human being highly curious species in the plant is cautious about the future events. The curiosity about the future events is soothed from the astrology. Till date, it is still followed with relish around the globe.

Precaution Require for the Astrologers

There are set of precaution that must be followed by anyone thinking of making living from an astrology. Due to a surge of criticism on the Internet as well as gluts of charlatan around the Internet it is essential to keep own dignity. The astrology varies from different geographical region. Further, the prediction seems to be influenced by the literature someone is based upon.

None of the pundits of the particular region is fit on the global context. Recently there has been the rise in the software that can predict the events in short period of time. As the Pro astrology, there is always need to exposure oneself in the public by using the various means available on the Internet.

None of the person and profession is perfect so is this profession. There is the strong need to face the criticism from the different site of the society on which one is thriving. Making the bold prediction like that of someone death date needs to be avoided. This can avoid unnecessary trouble in this profession.

This is the age-old profession with the literature dating from thousand of years. There is no requirement for making update time to time. But, it is vital to remain updated with the advertising methods in order to developed trust from the customer. Whole the world runs on trust so is the astrology profession.


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