Origin of Religion

Origin of Religion

Religion has been a potent factor in guiding human civilization on the systematic way throughout human history. We human beings normally follow the religious ritual from birth to the death. It seems impossible to deny this set of belief by pious people around the globe. Around eighty percentages of humans follow the religion. So, it seems to have great interest to understand its origin on human history.

According to established scientific tenet, we human being originate from Africa and disperse to rest of the world. Probably due to starvation caused by lack of food supply due to the ice age. As no one is willing to change the place he lives unless it is scarce on the resource. Some animal dies in the place where they born due to plenty of the resources to feed in. On the other hand, the animal that thrives in scarce food is the most wanderlust. It is the compulsion for them to be mobile as food is not available in one place to fill their stomach.

Traditionally, a human has become the ruler of the planet, it is basically due to its enlarged brain and its skillful hand. No other animal has the skill full hand like ours. Our hands are marvelous as they can grow anything so tight that not other animals, including our relative’s primate, are unmatched for this. Our thumb is so effective in the graving stick that no other organism can do it. It is due to our inherited skill we become invincible on wiping out our enemies. We start to make food of those animals that use to make us their food.

There are lots of paradoxical and obscure facts on human life evolution. Among them is our chromosome number. We human beings contain twenty-three pair of chromosome it means altogether forty-six. But, other Primates, including Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan and Gibbon contain twenty-four pair of chromosome i.e. forty-eight. It has been found that one of the chromosomes is missing in human it is a bit confusion on the modern human evolution. Further, chromosome contains genes, which store the information. If one chromosome is lost than probably it triggers species extinction.

But later it was revealed by rigorous scientific research that two pairs of the chromosome have been fused to form one. Chromosome middle segment is called centromere and edge segment is called telomeres. But one of our chromosomes has the telomeres in the center, which is the indication of fusion of two chromosomes. Till now there has been huge debate among the scientific community on this mystery.  No one has reached the conclusion about the exact mechanism and the circumstance that governs this. Per haves, some groundbreaking theory will make us clear on this perspective.

There has been humongous research in theology. Theology generally deals with the study of the nature of god and religious belief. It is due to avid thinker various thought has come into existence.

Unlike human beings, no other organism in this world follows the religion. We have seen some organism’s mourning during death. Especially mammal with highly developed brain seems to mourn the death of the relative. Usually, elephant guarding their demise relatives. Primates like a gibbon carry their dead infant around unless they got rot and fall down. Perhaps due to our enhancement of cranial capacity as the byproduct of ease in protein in our diet from meat might have triggered this noble thought.

Till now there is no crystal clear view on the origin of religion. This writing is based on the bunch of hypotheses that is available while fretting on the Internet for a couple of days. The theory on the origin of religion is synonymous to the theory of the origin of human life and a bunch of other theories, which are highly critic prone.  Each and every tenet we follow has its own story of existence. Religions also have their odyssey of their origin and grueling task for scrutinizer to find truth. Perhaps after some eclipse of time, we might get a clear view about its triggering factors that governs its sprout. Let us just put the time aside for its research and wait.


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